What to Know about Online Sworn Translation Services?

Sworn translation is also known as certified, official, legal or public translation of document, which is endorsed by the seal and signature of a sworn translator who’s authorized by a legit organization to translate official documents. Such sworn translation services online are regarded as having a formal status by authorities.

Sworn Translator – Things to Know

Sworn translators are professionals who are authorized by Foreign Office for translating the official documents. Accredited interpreters and translators are renowned by various official names in accordance to the country.

The details and name of sworn interpreters are registered and through sealing and signing documents, translators will be held responsible for the documents.

Basically, sworn translation isn’t the same with a typical translation as it is sealed and signed by sworn translators and regarded as having formal and official status by authorities. In addition to that, sworn translations may be provided in hard copies, provided that they have to be stamped and signed by translators.

However, original documents may be passed on in any form such as fax and email. Even if sworn translations may be made on stamped papers, it isn’t a Foreign Office’s requirement and nowadays, it’s hardly used. Moreover, it may be accompanied by extra documents.

Every sworn translation should carry certificates in which seal and signature have been registered under the Foreign Office through the region’s District Council where the translator works.

What Kind of Documents Does Sworn Translators Typically Translate?

A lot of institutions require sworn translation services when dealing with several documents written in foreign language. For instance, when validating foreign university degrees, sworn translators are needed.

Another time when sworn translators are required is when studying abroad, wherein it’s necessary to present academic records that must be certified by reliable sworn translators.

In case of marriage in other countries, sworn translation of birth certificates of foreign spouses are typically needed.

When it comes to the business world, there are numerous cases in which sworn translation is required. For instance, when companies have commercial relations in other countries, it’s a common requirement to have a sworn translation of internal documents like statutes and certificate of incorporation.

When to Hire Online Sworn Translation Services?

Documents that are written in a foreign language as well as presented to the official bodies such as a notary, court, university, and administrative bodies, are normally accompanied by the original text’s exact sworn translation. In this case, sworn translators are required.

On contrary, sworn translation may be used to guarantee how accurate the translated information is, provided that sworn translators take responsibility for their translations with their seal and signature.

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