5 Reasons why you should Freeze your Eggs

Egg freezing or mature oocyte cryopreservation is a process in which a woman chooses to preserve its reproductive potential. For protecting, the eggs are extracted from the ovaries and are frozen and stored for later use. When the woman wants to get pregnant, the egg is thawed and fertilized with sperm, and the fertilized egg is implanted into the uterus. The other option is egg donation.

Only a few numbers of eggs are thawed and used for fertilization at one time. And, if required, the woman can use the preserved eggs again in the future when she wants to conceive again.

As the supply and the quality of the eggs diminish over time, the process allows the women to store their eggs and freeze them until required. It will enable women to preserve their fertility when their supply and quality of eggs are at its best. It helps them retain potency while until they want to use their eggs to become pregnant. The process is beneficial for cancer patients, a woman undergoing IVF and woman who want to focus on their career without worrying about the deteriorating quality of eggs.

Many women of different ages are opting for the cryopreservation of their eggs for one reason or the other. Here are five reasons why you should consider freezing your eggs:

  • For Using in IVF Cycles

It is the most common reason why most of the woman opt for cryopreservation of their eggs. When couples choose to go for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) process, they might have to undergo multiple IVF cycles to conceive. Extracting eggs from the woman’s ovaries for each IVF cycle can be stressful and time-consuming. So, most of the IVF centres in India suggest couples go for egg freezing the first time when eggs are retrieved from the ovaries. It ensures that there is enough number of eggs available for next IVF cycle, in case the fertilized eggs used in the previous cycle fail to provide the desired results.

This way, the woman does not have to undergo egg retrieval process each time the eggs are required for IVF, making the IVF process easier and faster.

  • If you need to undergo cancer treatment

Various cancer treatments like chemotherapy, surgery, and radiations can harm your fertility. Before you undergo treatment, you need to assess the negative impacts of the treatment on your eggs. Most of these treatments destroy the eggs and can result in infertility problems. However, viable eggs can still overcome the treatment.

If you want to have a child even after cancer treatment, you should freeze your eggs before undergoing cancer treatment. It helps to keep alive the chances of having a biological child. You can also consider having your biological child with your frozen eggs using a gestational surrogate. The success rate of cancer patients getting pregnant using preserved eggs is similar to that of any other women using her preserved eggs. Hence, cryopreservation can be an effective method to preserve fertility before undergoing cancer treatment.

  • If you have Serious Medical issues

Medical problems like endometriosis, recurring or substantial ovarian cysts and progressive diseases such as kidney disease, sickle cell disease, or systemic lupus erythematosus can affect the fertility of a woman. These problems can permanently cause infertility in women. Women with such issues should preserve their eggs to retain the possibilities of getting biological parenthood. If you are not able to carry the child by yourself due to these health issues, you can still have a biological child using gestational surrogacy.

  • If you currently want to focus on your career and have a child later

Cryopreservation is very common in women who wish to delay having a child to focus on their career. With time, the quality and quantity of healthy eggs keep diminishing, and as women age, the risk of infertility and other pregnancy risks increases. For the women who want to focus on their career without worrying about depreciating fertility and reducing the number of eggs with time, cryopreservation of their eggs can be an effective solution. When you do not want to get pregnant no but want to have a child in the near future, you should freeze your eggs when they are healthiest.

You can freeze your eggs, so you do not have to feel the pressure of choosing between having a family and advancing in your career. You can freeze your eggs when they are at their best and use them to have a child when you are ready, there’s always simple tips and techniques for interior designing out there.

  • The quantity of eggs is limited

Women only have a finite number of eggs, and its quality declines as they age. When the woman is in its early 20s, she has the healthiest and highest supply of eggs. At this age, the average pregnancy chances are as high as 25 per cent every month. This average keeps declining with age as the quality and quantity of egg supply keeps decreasing. At the age of 25, the average pregnancy chances drop below 15 per cent and below 5 per cent in the 40s. While problems like an ovarian failure and early menopause can also affect the supply of eggs. The cryopreservation of the eggs can ensure that one can use their own eggs to have a biological child at later stages of your life.

With age, the chances of having eggs with chromosomal abnormalities and pregnancy risks like miscarriage increases. With egg freezing, you can preserve the current health of the eggs, and you can increase the chances of conceiving in the future.

Egg freezing has shown promising results in the past, and thousands of couples have opted for egg preservation method to safeguard their fertility until required. The process of freezing, thawing, fertilizing, and implanting of the eggs is around from many years and have been benefiting many couples in having their biological child whenever they want.

With increasing popularity and advancement in technology, the preservation of eggs is becoming more affordable and more accessible. Thus it has led to an increase in the number of women who preserve their fertile eggs when they are healthiest.

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