SINGLE REVIEW: “Halfway House (The One Place Remix) by Hourstone

Halfway House (The One Place Remix)” is the latest track from Singapore EDM / pop music artist Hourstone. Phenomenally produced, “Halfway” methodically dances its way through lush pulses and drawn-out beats. The song is fully capable of being the next addition to anyone’s playlist – it’s that good.

According to his official biography, Hourstone emerged from years of writing piano music to help himself through his darkest days after his father’s sudden death when he was 15. Unlike his previous release, “I Will Find A Way”, “Halfway House (The One Place Remix)” isn’t heavy with a piano bed. Rather, “Halfway” is laced with strong electronic pulses and a plethora of percussion. While “I’ll Find A Way” still ignites the need to dance, it does so in a moody, more mysterious way. “Halfway” is an energized dance party that gets the heart beating way faster. It’s a wonderful expansion of Hourstone’s already impressive pallet.

The lyrics but you brought your guitars, running your hands up and down its neck, my neck, am I your half-way house, am I your half-way house…the one place you are free

really connect with the listener – it’s an instant rapport. Giving the listener a starting point is great, but the music itself carries off like a kite in the wind. It’s a rush of a feeling. When the beat is high, so are the drums. Sounding more like Asian-influenced drumming beats, the percussion starts out the song and never lets up. When the downbeat does happen, it’s Hourstone’s soft-like voice that guides the listener in his sojourn. Soft-spoken but still mighty, his voice elevates cements the song’s emotional journey.

Style wise, the lyrics are not prose. They are more pop-influenced and while his story telling is strong, again, the music bed is the game changer. What could turn out to be an infinite sound of light and luxurious tones, turns out to be a tunnel for the listener to nestle inside. As a listener, I found myself bouncing between the laser-like music strands, gripping at the sides. At-the-same-time, I hoped the leash would break and I would thrust into the black hole of melodic, sparkling sonic bliss. Either way, the song moved me in a delightful way.

Overall, “Halfway House (The One Place Remix)” is worthy of all the accolades it receives. I’m won over by Hourstone’s musicality and his sincerity. What feels at first like another EDM song, turned wildly into a state-of-mind focused on centering my emotions. During the time of the coronavirus (COVID-19) it’s so welcome to hear a song that has channeled confusion and chaos into a lovely package. Music is the universal language and Hourstone takes the time to give his listener’s a hit. I would love to hear this song live – at full blast in a club. It would be a life-changing experience to hear this song among a crowd and feed off each other’s energy. Ironically, it does seem like a travesty to only listen to this song in the confides of my house.

by Bethany Page

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