What You Need To Know About SEO In 2020

SEO strategies and tips  are dynamic; they keep changing, new ones keep being invented, and as such, only the most informed and exposed SEO consultants will remain on top of their game; For instance, about 3 or 4 years ago, one of the most effective SEO tools was the use of Keywords. Web designers, SEO consultants, all rushed to utilize keyword usage, because they knew that Google and other search engines had an algorithm that would use a special calculation to find the related keyword for a search. We were told all manner of things; use the keyword once for every 100 words, bold the keyword, and other ridiculous theories.

Yet, today things have changed. Google realized that many web designers and SEO consultants were rushing to clutter in keywords, without any useful content. In 2020, new strategies have emerged, and old ones have been rendered redundant. Read more at experiential marketing services.

  • Fresh, informative content; Fresh and informative content still ranks as one of the most effective SEO tools in 2020; it has always been, and is still effective. When creating an About us page, Home page, our services, avoid overly promotional content; rather, go for fresh and informative content, that always works miracles.
  • Blogging; in 2020, blogging is expected to remain as a vital SEO tool. Since it may be tricky to keep on updating and changing the content on your website pages, blog posts have offered an alternative platform to do so.
  • Long tail Keywords; today, single keywords have been replaced by long tail keywords. For instance, if you own a company in London offering waste clearance services, it is not enough to use “waste clearance” as a keyword, and repeat it over and over again. Internet users have become wiser, and would never type such an open and general phrase on Google. They know they’ll get thousands or results, most of them unhelpful. Rather, use a phrase like “best waste clearance services in London.” This way, they know they’ll get companies specifically in London, offering these SEO services.
  • Social media; the power of social media is still expected to be a major SEO tool in 2020. Even major brands and companies are investing in customer care teams to run and manage their social media pages 24/7. A client with a complaint or experiencing a hitch accessing your site, is likely to inbox the company on Facebook, than call using the telephone numbers in the Contact us page


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