How to Watch Movies for Free

The best way to watch movies completely free and legally is to visit a Movie Streaming Website. Some of these websites do require a small subscription fee, but most Movie Streaming Websites are completely free and highly convenient.

Here we provide you with a step by step guide to find and use a free Movie Streaming Website.

Step 1 Choose a Website

There are a few points to consider while you choose a Movie Streaming Website.

  • Check how many movie genres they have available. Some platforms provide hundreds of different genres while others have few diverse genre groups.
  • Check if the website is completely free or if it needs a little subscription fee. Check if they want you to sign up for an account or not.
  • Make sure they don’t ask for too many personal details whole signing up for an account. A name and an email address is fine but contact details or credit card info should not be readily provided.
  • Check what the websites interface is like. Is the ad placement annoying? Does it take too much time to buffer? Etcetera.
  • Check if the website includes links to download the movies or does it only allow streaming the video on the webpage.

Step 2 Verifying the above details

Before using any of these websites, be sure to check online reviews about it. Another users experience is your best friend. You can find these reviews on various social media platforms. A simple Google search can lead you to the right sources of these reviews.

Check what these users have said about all the above points, is the website truly free? Do they ask for too much information? Do they have a good variety of movies and movie genres? Is the websites interface user-friendly and intuitive? After ensuring all these points you can move onto the next step.

Step 3 Trying out different Movie Streaming Websites yourself

You can now move on to trying out the few Websites that other users have had a good experience with. This step is to help you find the best website for yourself, the one that suits your taste. If you like a large number of specific genres, you may find a short list of very diverse genre groups a little annoying or inconvenient. Similarly if you like downloading movies to watch on the go, you may not like a website that only offers streaming and no downloads. Considering all these points, it’s a good idea to try some of these websites yourself to figure out which one of these websites suits you best.

If this seems too inconvenient to you, you could do a deeper study of the reviews we have talked about above. Ask specific questions from previous users of the websites and decide if this particular website would suit your taste or not.

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