Enjoy the Benefits of Vaping (And Avoid the Dangers of Tobacco)

If you’re trying to make the healthier switch to vaping, this article covers the benefits of vaping compared to the risks of smoking.

It lies in the delivery of nicotine. The methodology of nicotine consumption is the main difference between smoking and vaping. Smoking delivers nicotine to the body by burning tobacco. Its impact varies from person to person depending upon one’s weight, size, and health history. However, it is essential to note that burning tobacco has no safe levels.

On the other hand, vaping delivers nicotine by heating an e-liquid and transforming it into vapor. Since you are not burning any combustible material, the risks are minimal, and may even be non-existent, for both the vaper and the people around. Today, many smokers are trying to transition from smoking to vaping to avoid the health risks associated with traditional tobacco. If you are one of the people undergoing smoking cessation, then these facts about vaping may help you choose a better alternative as you kick your smoking habits to the curb. 

Vaping Does Less Damage 

Vaping is a healthier and better alternative in consideration of your health. A vape pen offers a flavorful experience as you consume nicotine. Since it has different synthetic compounds compared to tobacco, the vapor that you’re breathing is safer. In contrast, a standard tobacco cigarette contains over 6,000 synthetic compounds, a considerable number of toxins, which can damage the body.

These are some of the impacts that tobacco has on an individual’s health: 

  • Awful breath 
  • Tipsiness 
  • Queasiness 
  • Increased risk of brain damage and stroke 
  • Mouth cancer
  • Stomach ulcer 

No Smoke Inhalation 

Most people know that tobacco smoke contains numerous dangerous synthetic compounds and cancer-causing agents. Add the discomfort of inhaling the smoke, especially for those who are considered second-hand smokers; it becomes a nasty and socially debilitating habit. 

But when you vape, since you’re not burning anything, no smoke poses a threat to you or to the people in your immediate surroundings. As you convert the e-liquid into vapor, you are not only practicing a healthier option to your nicotine needs, but you’re also considerate to others by not exposing them to tobacco smoke inhalation. 

No Odors 

After smoking, there’s a tendency that your fingers and mouth have a particular odor. But when you choose to vape, as the activity does not create any smoke, you don’t have that kind of concern. You can even further diminish the smell by using a vaporizer. 

Better on the Lungs 

Smoking is a serious threat to your respiratory system. When you smoke, the heat that passes through your throat weakens it with time. Smoking often also triggers a cell that produces mucus in the airways and lungs. As the lungs cannot wipe out the extra mucus, the bodily fluid stays in the airways, making them stick together, which often results in coughing. Smoking also makes your lungs age quicker and diminishes the productivity of your natural resistance component that protects you against infection.

On the other hand, when you vape, you don’t have to think about all these risks. Vapors created in the process are cooler, which means your airways and throat are safe. 

The Rise of the Game-Changing Bidi™ Stick

Among the sea of vaping products, one brand stands out in terms of experience, flavor, and innovative product engineering – the Bidi Stick. This disposable vape pen is the premium product manufactured by Bidi™ Vapor.

Its battery costs about 2.8x more than a traditional electronic cigarette or vaping device. It outperforms its vaping competition and improves the vaping experience of a customer. Not only does a high-quality battery make the product safe to use, but it also makes it recyclable. Bidi Vapor cares about their product’s impact on the environment. That is why every Bidi Stick is manufactured with consumer experience and the environment in mind.

The Bidi Stick also offers a unique, seamless, flavorful, and satisfying vaping experience. It gives you a smooth throat hit that guarantees instant satisfaction. Additionally, it provides an avenue for vapers to become eco-warriors as Bidi Vapor encourages all its customers to recycle their used Bidi Sticks

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