A Real Mental Workout with 3×3, 4×4 Game Board and so on

If you possess a healthy balance between your love for word games and competing with your real-time friends, the Word Ache for iMessage may be the ideal game that you might have been waiting for all along. Traditional word games usually come with an appreciable number of drawbacks-the lack of real-time multiplayer gameplay being the most significant.

Sure, word games are fun and educational,primarily because they are designed to encourage your analytical deduction capacity. But, what about the presence and role of active player Vs. Player competition that drives the vast majority of online smartphone games at present? You could either sit at home to spin a dreidel along with your friends or compete against one another while playing any form of mobile games that helps immensely in elevating the competitive aspect of the specific game, hence, making it more fun and entertaining as well.

Message Ache is one such word game that allows players to compete against each other through Apple’s dedicated message app, iMessage.

So, what exactly is Word Ache?

Word Ache is an Apple device dedicated word game that can be played amongst friends using the iMessage app. This simply means the game provides a real-time challenge amongst the players to compete against each other, as opposed to solving random tasks/ levels in the game.

The game is significantly more fun and engaging than almost any other type of word game in the Apple store at present, primarily due to its unique and challenging gameplay aspect, which gets more difficult as the game develops. In the authentic lines of Word Ache developers, “the game is a real mental work out,” and an ideal way to pass your time challenging the vocabulary skills of your friends on iMessage.

How does the game work?

Word Ache for iMessage is a mobile word game that functions primarily like any other of its traditional counterparts but presents the players with some unique gameplay features. The primary gameplay of Word Ache is simple – make a relevant word out of the random set of letters provided. However, instead of simply competing against a computer unit, players/ friends can play against each other through iMessage.

The players are presented with a series of an identical sets of letters, and they have to construct a valid word out of it. Of course you can use instawordz to unjumble the given word for an easy win, however to increase the fun, the timer counts down the minute/ seconds you take to complete each word puzzle, and the first player to finish all the puzzles wins – more accurately, the player who scores 7 points first wins the game.

The points are allotted according to the time taken to complete each word puzzles; hence, the primary objective of the game is to complete each puzzle level within the shortest time frame possible or simply before your opponent.

The points are also calculated only after all the puzzles have been completed, so the players have no means to look at each other’s game progress before that as well. These unique gameplay elements make Word Ache a unique and distinct word game from all the other iteration of traditional word games in the market. The time-limited puzzles, along with the mechanics of competing against another human player, provides a superior fun experience like no other conventional word puzzle games.

In addition to simply providing fun-filled and competitive gameplay, Word Ache is also a genuine head-scratching game. The game usually commences with a fairly easy and straightforward 2X2 letter board, but as you progress along with the level, the puzzles become significantly strenuous with 5X5, 6X6 board, and so on until the completion of the game. This means, in addition to simply competing with your friends, the game also poses a genuine challenge to your mental and analytical thinking abilities forcing you to put on your thinking cap to establish your vocabulary dominance amongst your friends.

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