This Year’s WrestleMania Is Going To Be Super Weird

I’m not a professional wrestling fan these days (though I don’t knock it like certain snobs). I grew up watching it, and I do watch the Royal Rumble most years just because I think that event is fun. However, the stuff that isn’t the talented wrestlers having matches tends to be a bit dull, and even the matches get repetitive if you try watching it week to week. That being said, I am truly fascinated about the upcoming WrestleMania.

Now, you might be asking, “Wait, how is WrestleMania happening?” After all, it’s a huge public event. They hold that thing in stadiums and fill it with fans. You can’t do that right now, of course. Even the WWE can’t do that. So what is happening is about the weirdest WrestleMania possible.

Se hizo oficial la sede para WrestleMania 36 en 2020

The company’s biggest event is happening without fans. In fact, they are holding it in their Performance Center, which I assume is some sort of training center. I don’t know how big it is exactly, but it’s definitely smaller than the stadium the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play in, which was the initial home. Also, they aren’t doing it live. They are taping it in pieces. From what I’ve read they’ve had to change some matches around on the fly because of the Coronavirus. Which, I mean, that takes away some of the curiosity factor. Yes, I’m intrigued by the idea of a giant wrestling event happening in a small arena with no fans, but not to the degree where I want people’s health on the line.

Still, in a way I have not been so interested in a wrestling event since I was a kid. This is weird! WrestleMania is the biggest thing in the world of wrestling every year. It’s the event that is supposed to bring casual fans and even non-fans in. They have the biggest wrestlers and celebrities and stuff. They made Bill Goldberg, who is in his fifties, champion so they could try and draw on his name. The Undertaker, who is also in his fifties, still fights at WrestleMania. John Cena is back! They brought all these big names in for a huge event, and instead have to hold it sans fans.

I don’t know if you will want to shell out 10 bucks to watch WrestleMania, which for the first time is airing over two nights this Saturday and Sunday. However, they offer 30-day free trials. Right now, we all need ways to occupy our time. Maybe you can do it by watching a fiftysomething whose gimmick for years was that he was zombie having a wrestling match in front of nobody. In the biggest wrestling event of the year. 2020 just keeps getting more insane. We all want normalcy back, but a little weirdness can still be good here and there.

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