Places to visit in Saudi Arabia

Among the middle-eastern countries, Saudi Arabia has recently become a spotlight in the eyes of tourists, so if you are looking to indulge in the Arabian culture or trying have a relaxing vacation the Arabic way, Saudi Arabia is one of the best middle-eastern country to visit.

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Here are some places you could visit in Saudi Arabia:


In just a matter of decades Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, has grown from a tiny tribal village to one of the busiest and wealthiest cities in the Middle East. Although the town has always been relatively traditional, Riyadh has a number of things to do that are a must-try for anyone.

The Al-Faisaliah Centre, Saudi Arabia’s 4th largest building offers in it a place to dine inside an enormous ball, yes quite literally a ball. This visible glass ball is located on the top of the building and in it lies a restaurant, called The Globe. This place gives you a full view of the beauty of Riyadh. Do not forget to experience a sunset at this spot.

The city also has rich heritage and history, which are quite well preserved. Al Masmak Fortress, the birth place of modern day Saudi Arabia, is one of the examples. This city also offers many luxurious museums to visit and learn about the recent and the ancient history of Saudi Arabia.

Another main spot of this city is Jebel Fihrayn, also known as The Edge of The World, is a desert trek. The best place if you want to enjoy the view of the desert in serenity.


The northern towns of Qassim, mainly: Buraidah and Unaiza,.rich cultural heritage and history are the main attractions. Unaizah is home to ancient farms, unique beautiful mosques and marketplaces that are full of tradition and culture.

The Ruins of Al-Ula:

In the north western side of Saudi Arabia lies Al Ula, so If you are a fan of visiting the ruins of ancient kingdoms, golden rock structures, Al-Ula is the best location for that in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will also find lush citrus farms.

The most ancient ruins found yet are The Ruins of Mada’in Saleh, that date back to the time around 2000 years ago.


The immaculate islands specked in the Red Sea close to the towns of Umluj and Al Wajh are likewise somewhat untouchable as the administration designs a travel industry improvement called the Red Sea Project. Be that as it may, the shallow turquoise water and coral reefs around the islands are reasonable, and it’s well worth employing one of the neighborhood boatmen to investigate what they call their variant of the “Maldives”. In the winter, dolphins can be spotted.

Foundation in the region is straightforward, yet the neighborhood accommodation is top notch. Book a visit in case you’re on the less adventurous side, and carry plunging or swimming apparatus with you.

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