Is It Time To Replace That Old Garage Door?

Everything in your home has a life-span. Even the soundest and most reliable aspects of everyday life can fall victim to the hands of time. Over the years, garage doors, in particular, tend to reveal the wear and tear of our daily motions more than most things in the house. In fact, statistics show that the average garage door is used 1,000 times a year. That’s more than the average toaster oven! Keeping tabs on your garage door maintenance can extend its life, but it can’t prevent issues that might warrant a full replacement. Safety, function, appearance, and security are all good reasons to consider giving that old garage door the boot. Is your garage door in need of replacement? Read on to find out.

Outdated Aesthetics

Home trends come and go. What was a magnificent trend in the early 90s, no longer holds today. Old garage doors can make your entire home look dated, clobbering curb appeal, and giving off a vibe that your home isn’t well taken care of. Since a garage is the first thing visitors see when they drive up, it is important to replace your old garage door with something that suits your home and more contemporary tastes. While some see garage door replacement over aesthetics to be a bit frivolous, research suggests that the first impression your home gives off can go a long way, both in real estate sales and with guests.

Upgraded Features

Garage doors have come a long way since they were invented by C.G. Johnson in 1921. Just as the rest of the world advances technologically, so do our garages. One key reason to seek garage door replacement is to pursue upgraded features that suit present-day life. For example, newer doors boast better insulation that can help cut down on your heating and cooling costs.

Others offer smart features such as remote access or monitors that can easily be accessed straight from your smartphone. Another outstanding feature of the modern garage door is the noise level, as they are far quieter than their superannuated counterparts and can still function if you lose power. While these features aren’t an absolute necessity, they do bring peace of mind and convenience that can’t be beaten. 

Storm Damage

Depending on what part of the world you call home, storm damage is a part of life that must be dealt with seasonally. You can’t control the weather, nor can you control how weather impacts your home. Often times when there is hail or strong wind, garage doors take the brunt of the damage. Dings and dents can occur on metal or steel doors. Sometimes, this can even cause issues when opening or closing the door itself. If a storm prevents you from opening or closing your door as you once did it is time to replace the whole structure. A door that doesn’t work right is a door that is too dangerous for everyday use.

A Significant Safety Risk

Garage doors can be dangerous if not properly maintained. A great door should bring peace of mind. If a door is incredibly noisy, calamitous, or suddenly slow, it may pose a safety and security issue. While many newer doors can be fixed, older doors might be beyond repair, causing some to malfunction by opening and closing unexpectedly. Saving money on garage door replacement is not worth the risk of someone getting hurt or your home being prone to potential thefts. When in doubt, go for a replacement, especially if your doors are well past the average lifespan of 15-30 years. 

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