INTERVIEW: Cri du Coeur

Hi Cri du Coeur, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Hi guys. These moments are pretty strange. Even if you are not sick, you feel sick staying confined home checking carefully what messages your body gives you, but I think i don’t have to complain compared to other people who have real problems

Can you talk to us more about your latest release “Diaphragm“?

This release is the first page of a new book. I mean … I was quiet in the music scene for several years. but in the summer 2019, I have lost my mother very brutally. So I thought a lot about what my life means and decided to take back some musical projects I had a few years before. Then, diaphragm (and other tracks) were born, but also my own label “arkham audio”.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this track?

Of course. My mood at that time, with my mother’s death, offered me the chance to dig deep into my soul. That’s why this track has a special hypnotic and sad atmosphere. I was not especially in a good shape at that time. Its not the most funny track of the year, lol

How was the recording and writing process?

At the moment, the process is to begin tracks with hardwares and software in my homestudio here in Liège. And then, when I can not go further or when I’m blocked, I fly to Berlin to work with my friends from CYRK (Sam Goossens and Psacal Hetzel) in their studio and finalize everything with them. Its good to have other artists ideas and skills. And honestly, Berlin has that special dark face that fits perfectly my tracks. its always inspiring to go there and make a 5 days session in a basement.

Would you call this a departure from your previous musical work?

Yes, for sure. I always wanted to release tracks in the past. But as my life was not focused exclusively on music, I didn’t took the right time to finish tracks or finish musical projects. My motivation fell down very quickly. Now, I’m more motivated than ever.

How would you say you have grown as an artist throughout the past two decades and a half?

mmmmm. I always float between laugh and sadness. I’m a melancholic person. My music grew in several waves depending on events in my life. Sometimes I was strong, sometimes I was nearly depressed and ready to stop music. It was not a constant thing. But when I was into music, I was 100% invested and focused. That’s why all the artists I met in my parties or when I played in festivals inspired me, each time. It allowed me to discover a lot of musical things. But now I come back to my first love, dark techno and raves. That sound always stay in your mind. You always live with it.

Can you tell us some things about your label Arkham Audio? 

I use to have a minimal techno label nearly 10 years ago I think. Kombo muzik. But as mentioned in your last question, my motivation came and has left fast. That remained as a failure and that was not possible to keep this in me. I had to transform this with a positive project. My motivation came back, and i’m older, normally more thoughtful, lol. That’s why I have created Arkham Audio, as the foundation of this new musical book. I want it to represent exactly my mind, my body and my soul.

What role does Belgium play in your music?

Hahaha. Belgium is THE key of my music. I felt into electronic music when I was 11 years old with that musical bomb we call New Beat. It was a Belgian style of electronic music. It was dark and hypnotic. And I think that music never quit me now. After, when I was 16, I had the right age to go out. I met that older guy who was into the scene and who initiate me with the belgian raves. The rave sound is the continuity of the new beat sound. That’s pretty the same elements in my music.

Where else did you find the inspiration for your music?

You know, I listen to a lot of musical styles. You take the best of it. it can come from a led zeppelin or the doors old track. That guys were genious, they invented the hypnotic modern music that brings you to another level. As some techno tracks. But the bass/subbass inspiration can come from a hip hop track also. I’m very open minded. But as you can read, it comes from old stuffs.

Any plans to hit the road in the summer?

Honestly, all plans made are broken or cancelled with the world situation at the moment. Lets see what the close future will offer us. No definite roadplans for now. but I’m ready to burn the dancefloors for sure.

What else is happening next in Cri du Coeur’s world?

Full focus on my Arkham Audio recordings. I’m finishing the plans for the next releases. Planning some label nights and label showcases in special places. A release is also planed on Florian Meindl’s label, flash records. And of course  doing new sounds and hopefully can see my Berlin friends.

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