SSO Sneezy Puts A $ Sign On This Exclusive Interview

Welcome to Vents! Who is the man standing behind SSO Sneezy? 

I’m independent guided by God of course but YBM is our label and the driving force behind me which is run by my business partner Randy aka Newz. 

What does your stage name mean? 

S.S.O is the brand ScheamShitOnly I have with another business partner of mine by the name Maxwell aka FAME but we grew up with each other. We really like family. It’s deep.

Both of us are SCHEAM, Sneezy is me. They call me Sneezy because I bless everything I get on or whoever I come to encounter with that actually gets to know me. I give good energy. That’s just my vibe.

How and when did your musical journey start? 

My family is musically inclined so from the womb I’ve been getting my hours in as far as music and rhythm with both my parents being Jamaican! My uncle Conroy Smith has a popular Reggae single entitled Dangerous which inspires me. My cousin Clate used to make me freestyle on the spot every time he brought someone new around me. It became the only way I knew to relax myself. Music brings peace to my life. 

How would you describe your sound?

Original! I don’t try to sound like nobody. I’m soothing to the ear like a 428 Hz when I do my melodies it comes from my soul. My reggae roots that’s why it sounds different.

Your debut music video for “I’m On” is really dope! You worked on it with Lil Baby, how did the collaboration with him look like? Was he supportive in the studio? 

I got to come to QC’s Studio when he recorded his verse so definitely, there were a lot of other artists on their label in the studio while he recorded and I was comfortable. We didn’t speak much but I did thank him for working with me on the record. 


In February you dropped your first LP Open Up, what inspired you to write it? 

I was missing for two years. I felt that I owed myself and my supporters something. One of those songs is actually two years old. Open up is my opinion on principles and information on how I feel about certain situations of my life. Hence me Opening up to the world on what’s going on. 

Which song from the album is your favorite, or which are you the proudest of? 

That’s so tough but I wanna say “Won’t Let Go” prod. by JokerProdit which is actually one of the producers, I’ve grown with on this musical journey. The song is a happy song on top of the beat being in those C major keys. It was inevitable to give that energy and the message is positive. It’s a good representation of me. 

Did you face any obstacles while recording Open Up? What was the most challenging? 

Definitely but their obstacles for everyone doing anything most importantly I didn’t give up I just kept going patience was the biggest obstacle.

What are you working on now? Any upcoming projects we can look for? 

I feel like the game needs an uplifting message right now so my next project I plan on dropping soon entitled So My Family Could Listen has four positive, influential, and dreamy records. Which you would have to listen to twice back to back to feel complete. 

Would you like to add anything else? 

YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS! Thank you, God, for guiding me every day on this Divine route. Thank you Vents for these amazing questions and PUT A $ SIGN ON THIS ONE THAT’S A SNEEZY SPECIAL! 

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