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I want to tell you a memory. Of course this is two or three days ago. My friends and I have a course every week, and everyone cooks simple and delicious food. And then we get together and dance and play and have a lot of fun. this week our gathering was at Kila’s house. I decided to make a cake for the evening and take it. she had made jellies, desserts and different dishes. ( Learn about Kitfo Epersian Food here )

About Kitfo

My friends and I decided to wear the same color. All of us were black. Kila welcomed us with the syrup and cake I made. Then we played Pantomime. Kila suggested we serve dinner earlier. We set the table and she brought soup and salad. We ate. sHe said eat less soup and salad because I have a special surprise for you I made kitfo for you. We all looked at each other with surprise. We had never heard of this dish before. Kila said this was the easiest and most delicious food I could make and then laughed out loud. Kila then put a wooden container on the table and said, “Here you go.” I was surprised Kila! Have you brought us raw meat? I prefer to go hungry and not eat this raw food. Kila said don’t worry it’s very tasty. But I got up from the chair and sat in another corner. The rest of my friends were eating, waiting for either of them to get sick or poisoned.

what we need to make kitfo?

But all of them were happy with the kitfo and enjoyed it. Kila said try it too if I don’t like it , I’ll order food for you. I went to my dinner table. It was really tasty so I had never eaten this delicious meat. I wouldn’t be full and friends would laugh at me. After dinner we asked her to teach us the recipe. Kila said it doesn’t take long to make kitfo. You should mince the meat, add some salt and pepper and grated onion and saute for about 5 minutes. Then pour in the desired dish. You can also put potatoes and carrts next to it. Kila had some chopped tomatoes and chili peppers with kitfo. And some cheese was poured on the meat.

Kila said my mom would pour the meat on the toast and put some cheese on it and grill it for a few minutes until the cheese melted. But I prefer to eat meat with bread. That night was a lot of fun for me and my friends next to Kitfo. I called Kila today and asked her for a recipe twice. He explained to me exactly the recipe and I cooked it for dinner.
Because I didn’t have beef, I used turkey. I sprinkle it with onions, peppers and salt. In another dish I mixed sour cream, lemon juice and spices. I poured some cheese on the meat and put it in the oven, then poured the sauce on the meat and decorated it with mint and lemon slices. I also made some mushroom soup. The kitfo was very tasty. Of course, it was better than the kitfo that has been made by Kila. I sent Kifto’s photo to Kila to see her friend’s art. I added the kitfo to my meal plan and for the weekend I will cook it for my guests . try kitfo and send your photo’s to us .

You can increase or decrease the material according to your taste. If you find a better recipe for kitfo, let us know. Waiting for your dinner table photo.

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