Spectrum Internet; the key to an eternity full of music

Raise your hands, if you think music has a meaning in our lives? Oh yeah, you know what I mean, right? Think about it – since the beginning of time itself, sounds have played a particular role in our lives. The birds first and then the humans – everyone sung & still are singing in harmony to nature in order to describe their emotions. The beauty of it is that the emotions do not in any way need to be monotonous or positive. One can express anger, hunger, need, love and beauty itself just by using music. Don’t believe me? Just go watch Nashville and we’d talk then. They literally come at the audience with so many emotions embedded within a single lyric – it’s totally swaying. The most beautiful thing about it is that even though I was never a country music fan – Nashville pulled me to it…and honestly, that’s just awesome. For me, country music had been dead for years. Want to know the funniest part? I started watching the season because I came across one of their songs on YouTube…not Television. TV does not immortalize anything anymore – it’s the internet that we need to befriend if we want people to remember someone’s work or ours.

Plato once said;

“Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything.”

I totally agree with it but have you ever thought of how all of it could have just gone to waste if it wasn’t for the internet? No? Okay, let’s talk about how so ’cuz you’re prolly thinking that right now! Haha.

Tale as old as time…

Yes, the Beauty & the Beast song! Such a great reminder, right? But honestly, it truly is a tale as old as time itself…bittersweet and strange…whatever you sing can be history tomorrow. Moreover, if you want to save your favorite band or singer’s music the only places it needs to be by all means no matter what – is the internet. Not on CDs, not on hard drives and definitely not in the C drive of your laptops. Why? Because all of that would in time fail to live long enough and die away…with you maybe. Music shouldn’t be like that. It should be out in the open – available to whoever wants to listen to it. The internet stores it. For example, did you know that the oldest song to exist on the internet is a hymn which is more than 3400 years old!? How utterly cool is that!

Internet is the Key

In order to save history or even make history with the help of the internet. You need an internet service provider like Spectrum Internet. It would make sure you’re well-attended to by having a 24/7 technical support sitting just to help you out. Moreover, data caps and peak hours are the sources of so much loss in not just work but also entertainment. We are about to do something and there you go – your internet limit has been reached, please recharge to use more internet or whatever they say to let you know. It just really frustrating and honestly the peak hours make us die slow deaths with the slowest of internet speeds life can ever offer. The best part? You don’t have to experience it with spectrum. You’d be at peace and that too at a price as low as $49.99. Plus dialling Spectrum customer service number is going to play a vital role in helping you decide what you need and what you don’t.

Save more than ‘just a song’. Preserve a singer, someone’s work, your own work and most importantly an emotion…a feeling and a voice that can touch millions of hearts with the help of a blazing fast and trustworthy ISP. Switch today, save tomorrow.

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