The History of Leather Jackets & New York City

“Leather Jacket” the name itself is enough to arouse all your fashion senses. The origin of this jacket can be traced to the early 1990s when it was initially worn by pilots and military men. These jackets helped protect the pilots against the harsh conditions of the weather presented by high altitudes.

The leather jacket evolved with time. Many new additions were added to this jacket and hence emerged various styles of this jacket, making it the most variable yet unique piece of clothing. This jacket, for many years, has been staple apparel for all the fashion lovers. It has been the flag bearer of iconic fashion. It has been a personal favourite of movie stars, portraying a badass image, the cool detective look, a rebellious look or an undercover agent, a leather jacket does it all. It has also been sported by most almost all rock stars. It has almost been a uniform for punks. May it be the movies, runways, parties, casual outings you name and leather jackets have an inseparable association with all.

Not only is it a perfect ingredient of your clothing that updates style, but it also has many other purposes. Apart from imparting an impeccably stylish aura, it helps provide protection when the weather takes its toll. Rock that perfect style even in the cold, grey days.

When we talk of style the first place that strikes in our mind is New York. It is the fashion hub with new trends of fashion emerging every day. But it is evident from a host of shops and designers studios that exhibit varieties of leather jackets that this apparel still holds undoubtedly and without any debate the foremost position as far as fashion is concerned.

Apart from this New York is also one of the busiest of all places. With the advent of online shopping, it is not really difficult to keep up with fashion trends. Also, you can shop 24/7. Online shopping has made life really easy.

If you want to save yourself all the hassle of going from shop to shop hunting for an ideal leather jacket then we are here to yourrescue. NYC Leather Jacket is perfect when you are on a lookout for a good leather jacket.

Even though all the varieties of NYC Leather Jackets are popular, we have some that varieties of mens leather jackets and women’s leather jackets that are liked more as compared to others.

Want to sport a much bolder and avant-grade look? Then biker’s leather jackets for men serve the purpose just right. It creates a style statement that is sure to impress all.

One of the best and distinctive leather jackets for women is the women’s studded leather jacket.


It comes with studs that give you badass bling while maintaining that sophistication. It is sure to disperse an aura of unique style and fashion and is a definite personification of confidence. It is one leather jacket that is sure to make heads turn. Our jackets come with the best quality studs that are just perfect to enhance the look of the jacket even further. Go for it is one thing you will never regret.

Café racer leather jackets for men are one type of leather jackets that have stood the test of time.


They were mainly designed for motorcyclists and to be their ideal companion for their love for speed. These jackets come with minimalistic design with comfort being their primary focus. Pair it up with a t-shirt and jeans and create a look that is classic yet unbeatable. These come with a snap-on collar and strong zippers that provide you the comfort you need. If you are a fashionista then your wardrobe is incomplete without one.

Leather jackets come in a variety of designs. You will always find one that caters to your style. Go ahead and complete your wardrobe with our optimum quality leather jackets.

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