The Best Beauty Trends of 2020

If you like to buy beauty products to look and feel amazing, you’re far from alone. In fact, the average woman spends about $z per month on looking gorgeous.

Since that’s enough money to seek an Ivy League education, you know how important it is that people look their best! The amount of cash spent on looking beautiful also underlines the importance of making that money count, which means following the current beauty trends and purchasing high-quality products.

Here, we’re going to talk about the best makeup, hair, and jewelry trends in 2020 so that you can look your best and feel great each day!

Makeup Trends

As any gal knows, using makeup is one of the best ways to bring out your natural features and accentuate the parts of your face that you love most. Here, we’re going to talk about some of the trendiest ways that you can use makeup to bring out the best parts of your appearance.

Accentuated Eyes

While people in previous generations may have preferred more subtle eye makeup, the most en vogue thing to do right now it to exaggerate your eyes with harsh, bright makeup.

The most important thing to remember here is that you want eyeshadow in bold colors. Ocean blues, natural greens, and canary yellows are the perfect hues for doing this. If you like, you can even mix and match colors to bring out your eyes even further! Just make sure that your entire eyelid is covered and the eyeshadow doesn’t leave this area.

To go with your eyeshadow, you’ll need thick, sharp eyeliner. Thin lines will look like a strangely subtle contrast with the rainbow behind your eyes, so opt for a bolder liquid eyeliner. Pair it with heavy mascara that matches its color, and you’ll be ready to go!

Staying True With Blue

Blue is the favorite color of men and women alike, which is a great reason to wear a lot of it. However, blue also goes with pretty much every complexion if you know what shade you want. For this reason, people have been wearing blue face makeup more than ever before, both as eyeshadow and as lipstick.

If you have light skin, a sky-blue eyeshadow will blend in well with your complexion while still being highly noticeable. If you’re a dark-skinned goddess, try darker navy blues and indigos to bring out the natural shine in your skin.

Exaggerated Cheekbones

Your cheekbones are an important part of your face’s beauty. They provide a sharp and sexy edge to any face shape. That’s why people have been realizing the importance of bringing them out lately.

Bronzer is one of the most common ways to bring your cheekbones out because it provides you with a natural sun-kissed glow. Make sure that you do your research and find the right one for your complexion before buying- you don’t want to spend money on something that washes you out!

Applying a lot of bronzer to your cheekbones is a great way to exaggerate them. If you want, you also can use some blush to add some rosy hues to your sun-kissed look. Additionally, adding glitter to your face is a great idea. Gold glitter makeup is perfect for those with lighter skin, while silver really brings out darker complexions.

Soft, Exfoliated Skin

While this isn’t technically a makeup trend, using beauty products to soften and moisten your skin is an essential first step to wearing quality makeup. Foundation and bronzer will dry out your skin if you don’t moisturize regularly. Additionally, you won’t be effective in looking radiant if your skin is dry or oily.

There are awesome natural beauty products out there that can provide the basis for soft skin. You may also look at a online beauty magazine for more information. From bath oils to face creams to this adorable bee-shaped exfoliant that smells like honey and sugar, there are bath and body products out there for every woman.

Hair Beauty Trends

Now that you’ve got your makeup down, it’s time to look into some of the trendiest hairstyles and ideas for 2020. Read on to learn how to make your ‘do right for you!

It’s All About Highlights

Pretty much everyone is getting highlights nowadays. Generally, these highlights are in other natural hair colors that bring out your own natural color. Blonde and black-haired babes have been getting brown highlights to offset the pallor of their natural coloring. Brunette beauties can go either way — black or blonde — without worrying about clashing.

Generally, these highlights make the hair about 50% natural and 50% dyed. While highlights have been subtle in the past, this is certainly no longer the case. Like with your makeup, you want your hair to be loud and bold.

Some women have been giving themselves bold highlights in bright, unnatural colors, too. While this is less popular than natural colors recently, some girls look fantastic with blue or pink highlights.

Try going with light, bright colors if you have lighter hair and skin. If you have darker hair and skin, darker colors (that are still lighter than your black or dark-brown hair) are in order.

Natural Vitamins

As we become more environmentally conscious, we look more for natural remedies to issues that we face as human beings. One of these issues is keeping our hair looking awesome and feeling healthy. Rather than using animal-tested products or those that incorporate many unnatural chemicals, people have been turning lately to vitamins that can keep their hair feeling great.

Check out this SugarBearHair review to learn about one of the best vitamins out there that you can apply to your hair. Using this product is the perfect way to keep your hair strong and healthy while adding some natural volume to it.

Jewelry Trends

In addition to makeup and hairstyling, you’re going to need to look into the hottest jewelry trends if you want to stay fashionable this year. Read on to learn some great jewelry beauty trends that will bring out the best of any outfit!

Awesome Asymmetry

One of the biggest trends in jewelry recently is asymmetry. This is specifically the case when it comes to earrings since people have been pairing mismatched ones up and wearing them while out and about.

For example, you could use one stud and another dangle in matching (or non-matching) colors. You can also choose to forego one earring altogether and just wear something large and funky on the other ear!

You can also be asymmetrical in other ways. A great way to do this is by wearing a lot of bangle bracelets on one arm and nothing on the other. Also, while it isn’t strictly a jewelry trend, wearing your hair in a side ponytail or braid looks fantastic.

Charming Charms

Charm bracelets are likely a relic of your childhood, but they’re coming back and are all the rage in 2020. Choose a charm that has meaning to you. Whether that’s something to symbolize a favorite hobby to a loved one’s initial, there are lots of ways to make your charm bracelet your own.

Choosing a tiny dangling bead or stone that’s said to have to have healing properties is a great idea, too. So are those that symbolize something important, like a birthstone or a symbol of endurance. They look great and are sure to provide you with a bit of strength.

Styling your charm bracelet can be tricky, but we have a few tips for you. First, make sure that you choose a charm that matches the metal of your bracelet’s chain.

You may think it looks cool to have a gold chain and a silver-backed charm, but in reality, it just will clash. Make sure that your silver charm is on a chain of sterling silver and white gold. Rose gold jewelry is also en vogue recently, and this is the perfect metal to go with a pink bead charm or one painted flaming red.

Orbs in All Orbits

Recently, wearing spherical charms has become incredibly popular. This makes sense considering that polka dots are a huge clothing trend right now and orbs go amazingly well with these styles. In any case, you’re definitely going to want to add a charm necklace or pair of earrings to your wardrobe that incorporates sphere-shaped charms.

Wear one round stud earring with a dangling ball for literally the best of all worlds. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and more all look great toting spheres of various shapes and sizes.

To spice things up, make sure that you get spherical jewelry in a variety of metals. Sterling silver, gold-plated jewelry, and rose gold orbs all look fantastic. You’re also going to want to make sure that you get some made from stones like aquamarine, sapphire, and amethyst to add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

Get Stylish!

There are a lot of products out there that you can use to look awesome, but you can’t go wrong when you get the best makeup, hair products, and jewelry on the market.

Now that you know the best beauty trends of 2020, it’s time to learn some of the outfits that you can pair them with. Check out the search function at the top of our home page and enter any keywords you can think of related to fashion and beauty. Here, you’ll learn more about the trendiest ways to stay stylish and turn heads.

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