Men’s Jewelry Much-Loved By Women

The fact that men adore jewelry no longer needs confirmation. Some pieces of men’s jewelry are so irresistible that girls truly want to have them in their jewelry boxes. This means that we have a reason to talk about men’s accessories from women’s perspective. Let’s see which men’s jewelry items are the most attractive for the fair sex.


Cufflinks may not be the most sought-after men’s accessory but these tiny items are able to provide the right dose of elegance and charm. Cufflinks effortlessly step up a formal ‘office’ look and bring a refreshing accent. A man wearing a suit with cufflinks creates an impression of a professional who wants things to be in the right places. He values order and strives for perfection. There are no unimportant details for him or things that could skip his attention. Such a guy will surely notice your new haircut and he understands hints.

Leather bracelets

The ideal leather bracelet boasts a badass design but it is not too wide. Quality is important. It may not look ‘in mint conditions’ but sticking out threads is a no-go. Even if a bracelet has a retro vibe, it still should be neat and tidy. Men’s leather bracelets look great with both a leather jacket and a blazer. These items show that your man has a wild side and you have to explore it.

Chain Necklaces

Not to be confused with chunky golden chains from the 1980-90s. Today, such kitsch is in fashion only among youth subcultures or rappers. Adult men prefer chain necklaces made of silver or steel. They do not attempt to display their neck piece to everyone in the world. If a silver men’s necklace peeks from under his collar, it draws in more interest than a piece in plain view. You’d probably want to know whether it has a sentimental meaning for him.

Black steel rings

Perhaps, deep down in our hearts, we even envy men. It is because such strict and stylish architecturally made rings are not often found in women’s jewelry collections. Being used to silver or gold, we cannot ignore something as fresh, bold, and daring as a black ring. This accessory is a perfect contribution to any look, formal, casual, sporty, etc. It goes well with black and white outfits alike. Making a long story short, it is a fashionable and versatile accessory that deserves women’s admiration.

Pendants featuring symbolisms

Such jewelry is extremely handy on a first date because it silently talks about man’s hobbies, likings, and even worldviews. It allows you to avoid awkward pauses in communication when you know so little about each other. If his pendant depicts a guitar, for example, it is a clear statement that he likes music and probably is a musician himself. It might be a start for a great enjoyable conversation for both of you.

Pendants with symbolism are helpful outside first dates, too. If you notice that a man in your life inclines towards a particular symbol, it won’t be too hard to find an exciting gift for him. Our kudos goes to pendants for being both attractive and helpful.

Wedding rings

If such a ring flaunts on the finger of a beloved man and he never wants to part with it, how can we not give our love to this little piece of jewelry? It is a statement that he loves you and wants to spend the rest of his life with his chosen one.

Even on the hands of a stranger, wedding rings are the items we cannot ignore. In this day and age when fewer couples are willing to tie the knot, a married guy deserves respect.


A watch is a king of men’s accessories. For some gentlemen, they mean so much that they’re willing to spend a fortune on a spot-on watch. Large stylish chronograph watches are immediately associated with masculinity. Surprisingly, many women don’t mind getting their hands on men’s watches as a prominent and eye-catching accessory.

Popular these days smart watches also deserve women’s attention. Although they seem less attractive than old-school analog watches, we can’t deny they are more informative. They help a guy to monitor his health, for example. If this is the case, how can we not admire a man who wants to live a happier and longer life, maybe even with you by his side?

Tie Clips

A tie clip is a beautiful and very practical accessory that must be worn in the right way. With a properly chosen model, his business look gains a touch of refinement and a little something to let your eye cling to.


Men, just like women, are not indifferent to piercing. Ear piercing benefits many young and adult guys alike who are seeking their individuality. However, not every lady likes massive in-your-face or excessively decorated earrings in his earlobes. We personally vouch for neat and discreet earrings with a monochrome finishing.

Bracelets made of unusual materials

Agate, tiger’s eye, hematite, lava stone, etc. are the materials that are more often used in men’s jewelry than in women’s. These intriguing gemstones make jewelry unique and memorable. The most important thing about gemstone bracelets is moderation. Otherwise, instead of stylish, they will look tasteless.

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