Looking Back At The Movies Of March 2015

The present could be better. Could the past have been better too? What I have decided to do, because like you I need ways to occupy my time, is to look back into the past and see what the world of film has been at this time of the year in previous years. I’m starting with 2015, going back five years. We all love our intervals of five or 10 years, right? March is usually when the world of film is coming out of Dumpuary and starting to release stuff that studios actually care about. So what was the world of film like in March of 2015?

Turns out it was pretty bad! Not a single good movie came out in that month. Well, I will admit I never saw The Final Girls, which seemed clever to me. Maybe I will. I’ve certainly got the time. Everything else, though, is a big thumbs down. The first big release of the month was Chappie. You know, the about the robot. The robot named Chappie. Who hangs out with Die Antwoord. It’s baffling. Remember when Neil Blomkamp was a promising filmmaker?

And who can forget the second film in the Divergent series? Was that the end of the YA adaptation juggernaut? Or the beginning of the end. I never got into any of those. Not even The Hunger Games. To be fair, I was not a young adult during these times, but a regular adult. They weren’t for me. However, the Divergent series wasn’t really for anybody. Did it mess up Shailene Woodley’s rise as a film star?

Get Hard Película – Fotos oficiales : Pelicula Trailer

Then, there were two big comedies, including a Will Ferrell release! Of course, that movie was Get Hard. Does anybody have strong feelings about that film? It’s not good, to be sure, but it’s also not, like Holmes & Watson. It just sort of happened.

Weirdly, I feel like Trainwreck also sort of just happened. It was supposed to be Judd Apatow crowning his next star, this time Amy Schumer. It didn’t seem to work. I feel like Trainwreck was the sign that Apatow’s reign as the kingmaker of comedy was over. He’s still successful, of course. He’s got that Pete Davidson movie coming out. If I’m being honest, I’ve never really liked Apatow’s movies. The 40-Year-Old Virgin is good. I will give it that. There are some funny jokes. Steve Carell deserved to be a star. It’s also the only good Apatow movie.

Amy Schumer Teams With Judd Apatow on 'Trainwreck' - The New York ...

Five years ago, it was a pretty bleak time in the world of film. There was nothing really worth seeing in the theater. However, better things were around the corner. In April, we got Furious 7 and Avengers: Age of Ultron. Maybe we should take this as a sign that the future can always be brighter than the present.

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