Looking Back At The Movies Of March 2010

Recently, because like you I am looking for stuff to do, I decided to look at the movies that came out around this time five years ago. Well, the world is still insane. I still need stuff to do. Movie history still exists. Thus, I am now adding another five years to the process. We move to 2010. What was in the theater in March of 2010? Was it any better than 2015? Um, well…maybe March isn’t a great month for film?

Yeah, March of 2010 was bad. The month started with Alice in Wonderland. Yes, the Tim Burton movie with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. That movie made so much money. It made over a billion dollars worldwide! Only one movie, Toy Story 3, made more in all of 2010! It’s still not a good movie at all. That was one of the two movies released in March to finish in the top 10. The other was How to Train Your Dragon. I’ve never gotten into that series, so I can’t really speak to it. It doesn’t grab me in any way. Maybe it’s good. I don’t really know.

Fox's Fourth 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' Movie in the Works – Variety

Any other release of note is a big snooze. Hot Tub Time Machine? Blah. Diary of a Wimpy Kid? I know it’s not for me, but there are movies for kids that don’t seem abysmal. She’s Out Of My League? Everything about that premise is awful. Also, T.J. Miller is in it. Also, apparently the female lead was Alice Eve. I never knew that until this point. The worst of the bunch, though, is The Bounty Hunter. It stars Gerard Butler and Jennifer Aniston. Need I say more?

On a smaller scale, we didn’t get anything of real note on the indie scene either. Even the movie about the Runaways starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning was shrugged off. There was one glimmer of hope in 2010. Noah Baumbach wrote and directed the movie Greenberg. Now, I don’t like Greenberg. However, the movie co-stars Greta Gerwig. This was the beginning of a professional (and personal) collaboration between the two. I don’t like Baumbach’s solo movies, but thanks to Gerwig we got Frances Ha and Mistress America. So for that reason only Greenberg is my favorite movie of March 2010. Also, Repo Men was released this month. It’s only worth noting because when I tell people my favorite movie is Repo Man, the 1984 Alex Cox classic, half the time they say, “That movie with Jude Law?” Nope, not that one.

Oh by the way, April of 2010 was even worse. Good thing I don’t have to write about that.

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