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Waiting for a cute little baby to come into your life is so precious and memorable. Babies are the blessing of life that perfectly completes your family. Everyone dreams of having healthy and happy babies in their life which they can bring up with love, care and all facilities of life. But, what if minor medical negligence deprives you of such happiness! A little bit of medical negligence is enough to shatter your dreams. Even, it is quite devastating to imagine such a heart-wrenching scenario. It is enough to break the parents emotionally. This tragedy could occur due to the negligence of any healthcare staff such as midwife, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, obstetrician, or anesthesiologist.

Damages Due to Birth Injuries:

Some of the times, it is not only a single health care worker that cause negligence. But, there may be more than one medical professional involved in such notorious activity either knowingly or unknowingly. For instance, delaying the delivery process, using unhygienic instruments, wrongful practice, etc are the reasons leading to drastic consequences. Let us have a glance at the most common outcomes of medical malpractice that could harm the newborn:

∙         Spinal cord impairment

∙         Cerebral palsy (CP)

∙         Shoulder dystocia

∙         Asphyxia

∙         Epilepsy

∙         Trauma

One of the most common causes that lead to birth injury is the delay in the process of delivery. It may lead to a shortage of oxygen supply to the baby which would ultimately lead to acute brain damage. This condition is known as Asphyxia. Newborn having CP suffers from difficulty in speech, muscle spasms, and mobility. Birth injuries can be prevented when medical professionals take the right action at the right time. Improper handling of delivery risks the life of mother and baby and hence the medical staff should deal with each birth case quite professionally. Permanent brain damage is the most notorious consequence which proves to be an irreparable loss for both the baby and his parents.

Claim and Compensation for Birth Injury:

If God forbid such terrible and unexpected incident to happen with any couple then they must take serious action against it. Among all the healthcare staff, whosoever is found responsible for the unexpected loss should be held accountable for it. According to the Cumming law, you can sue the medical professionals for birth injuries and get compensation for it. Filling a lawsuit against the culprit is necessary. We know the requirements and tactics to win the lawsuit so feel free to contact us anytime with confidence.

The attorney will figure out the main reason behind the negligence. It could be delaying the cesarean section when required, improper usage of equipment such as vacuum extraction, failure to provide emergency treatment to the infant, failure to deal with complications or delaying the delivery. Your attorney would guide and aid you to sue the concerned medical practitioner. In addition to this, he would fight for justice until you win the case. Depending upon the circumstances, the claim would be for non-economic damages, economic damages or both. Non-economic damages include such as disfigurement, suffering, pain, etc while economic damages include lost wages, nursing care, rehabilitative care, and medical care for a newborn.

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