Individual wellness these days is governed by two major factors, taking care of physical and mental health. The majority of people today do their best to incorporate physical activities in their daily routines to keep themselves fit, while also paying attention to the factors that might eventually affect their mental health. However, one of the most important factors that is often overlooked is oral hygiene and dental health. But as much as it is vital to take care of one’s physical and mental health, it is equally as significant for the individual to look after their dental and oral health. All three of these components make up a healthy lifestyle. If any one of these three factors is neglected, it results in deteriorating health.

A healthy lifestyle cannot be achieved without addressing dental issues. Often when a dental problem is presented, it comes with minor issues. But these small problems turn into major health issues when gone unnoticed or left untreated. From a simple toothache, a disease as big as a root canal is possible. Accumulation of plaque, tooth decay, or cavities sound like minor problems, but they can turn to severe periodontal diseases when left untreated. This is why visiting a dentist at least once a year is important to keep the teeth and gums healthy.

Nowadays, many people have realized that taking care of oral health is essential. Still, people avoid going to the dentist. There are two major reasons behind not visiting dentists: one, fear of dentists and clinics and two, visits to the dentists are quite expensive. Regardless of the place where one resides in, it is a fact that dental visits are costly. Due to the fact that dental procedures cost a lot, many companies do not offer coverage for the treatment costs.

Among the chaos rests Risas Dental and Braces, a dental clinic based in Phoenix, Arizona. Risas is known for providing quality services for people across the state and beyond. The clinic was founded in 2011 by Dr. Nicolas Porter. Its first office was operational in Phoenix. Today the clinic has 25 branches spread across Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and Texas. The primary goal of the clinic is to provide top-notch quality services to its customers across all locations.


Dr. Nicolas, in 2011, opened a clinic under the name of Risas Dental and Braces to help people in taking care of their oral health. Also known as Risas Dental, the clinic has its headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona. Today, the clinic has spread its 25 branches across several. Sixteen clinics are located in Arizona, 6 in Colorado, 2 in Texas, and 1 in Nevada. Risas has about 70 doctors aboard on the team with more than 700 teammates. Risas Dental and Braces has its clinics in areas that often have a majority Hispanic population.  To aid patients, the majority of the teammates are bilingual, and at least one member in each location speaks fluent Spanish.

One of the company’s biggest achievements is that is has been able to serve more than 500,000 patients since the day it was founded.


Dr. Nicolas Porter is one of the most exceptional dentists you’ll ever find. He has an understanding of how difficult it gets for customers to pay for their dental health expenses. He took a step forward in making lives easier for people by opening Risas Dental And Braces in 2011. Since then, the clinic is known for providing quality services to the customers.

Since its establishment, Risas Dental and Braces has been making extra efforts for its customers. Each year on Labor Day, the company hosts a Labor of Love Day. The main goal of the event is to provide free services for everyone and especially to those who are unable to take care of their oral health. Like Labor Day is dedicated to appreciating the laborers who work hard around the year, the clinic opens its doors for the customers so that they can be appreciated with free services at the clinic. Every year, Risas Dental and Braces holds the event and provides free services to the customers across all its locations.

After the company was founded in 2011, the first-ever Labor of Love Day was held on September 3, the Saturday before Labor Day. The first office was set up in Arizona and became operational on Labor Day. Since then, the day has become a tradition at the clinic where free services are provided to the first hundred customers. The event begins at 8:00 a.m.

After setting up the first office in Phoenix, Risas started operating on Labor Day and provided free service to all the patients that arrived. The first hundred patients receive free-of-cost dental services. The event begins at 08:00 a.m. and goes all the way till noon.

Risas Dental and Braces has been able to provide free dental care for thousands of patients across all its locations. From the day that the clinic has been set up, it has given more than five million dollars in free services. The main aim of the company is to provide people with vital dental care services and especially to those who are unable to otherwise afford it. The clinic aims not just to provide quality services, but also at affordable rates. Recognized for its efforts, Risas Dental And Braces won the Health Care Hero award in 2014, while in 2015, Dr. Nicolas was named a most admired leader.

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