How to Choose Safe Toys for Kids

So you kid is growing up and you are confused to choose some of the safe toys for kids out there? So there are a lot of things to keep in mind when you are buying for little children. You have to be mindful whenever buying the best toys for kids by keeping these things in mind.

Age Rating

One of the most important things to see if a toy is safe for your kid is the appropriate age rating. So for a 3-year-old kid, you not going to buy a 7-year-old kid toy. Because that toy may have moveable or loose parts, it may harm a 3 years old toddler.


Second thing is to make sure that the material used in crafting that toy is non-toxic. If you are planning to buy painted toys, make sure that they are made in Europe, the US or the UK rather then in China. Because the toys that are made in China may contain toxic material like Lead.

UL Rated

UL rating is something you may checkout whenever you are buying electrical toys. Also, if you are planning to buy little kid toys, the string should not be longer than 12 inches because it carries the strangulation risk.

So, these were some of the basic things to check out whenever you plan to buy a new toy for your kid.

The Most Important Safety Factor

One of the most important thing to see if you are buying toys that are meant for big kids like Skateboards, ride-on toys, electric wheel toys, etc make sure that you buy the accompanying safety equipment along with them.


Don’t give them bike or scooter without the helmet. Don’t give them the scooter without the elbow pads.

Extra Safety Needed For Pellet Propelling Toys

According to a survey in the United States, thousands of kids visit the hospital due to eye injuries caused by pellet propelling toys. So, we do not recommend parents to give pellet propeller or bead shooting toys to their kids below age 7.

Make sure to provide them polycarbonate glasses, so that their eyes are protected throughout the play. Another alternative is to provide them with a foam toy like a Nerf toy which is safe to play with. But still, you have to have adult supervision and open range to fire upon and strict rules.

Choosing Battery-Operated Toys

If you are planning to buy the battery-operated toys for your kid, then make sure that they have hatches that are screw tight. You never want you kid to have access to the terminal of those lithium-ion batteries. As these toys can overheat that might cause burn-in young children. So, we highly recommend battery operated toys in the hands of older kids.

Check out the toys are not too noisy

So one of the problems that both the parents and kids hate is the toys making too much noise. One of the easy ways to identify such toys is to keep them 2 to 3 inches away from your ear and turn them on. If the sound gets on your nerves, then surely your kid will hate them as well. If you already noisy toys, then cover the speaker with the duct tape.

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