Here Is How You Can Write A Movie Review By Yourself

If watching movies is your passion, then you might also want to develop the skill of writing movie reviews. Yes, we all know that this can get a bit complicated, but you can start making a living out of it if you’re good enough to gather an audience.

There are many things that you need to take care of when writing a movie review, here are some of them.

Watch The Movie Multiple Times

Usually, good reviewers watch the movie multiple times just to make sure they don’t miss any key details, or a whole point for that purpose. That is important because it is possible for the human eye to miss some aspects of the scenes when you’re just watching a movie for one single time.

Support Your Criticism

Supporting your criticism is the only way of legitimizing your viewpoint about a certain movie. You are free to write whatever you feel like, but keep in mind that you’ll have to support your argument with the help of strong facts. If you get offended by a certain point in a movie, or think that its inappropriate for obvious reasons, you’ll still have to support the argument. You review should be wholesome and about the full movie, avoid personally attacking the actor, director or any other member of the production team. A biased review is a failed review, no matter who writes it.

Adjust The Reviews According To Your Audience

A good review writer is the one who changes his writing style depending on the platform that they’re pitching for. In traditional publications, you aren’t allowed to bash a movie hard, and you’ll have to be gentle in your selection of words even if you’re a strong critic of the movie you’re writing the review about. However, on the fanboy and movie-geek websites, you are free to bash the movie in the words you’d like to use. However, you’ll have to support your points with valid reasons onboth of these platforms. Your review should be technical instead of being based on emotions of an individual (you).

Don’t Add Spoilers

One thing that you must take good care of as a reviewer is that you should avoid to reveal the key plot points of a movie when writing a review. A professional never reveals those important points to the review readers.

There is an exception to this rule. You can add key points in the review you’re writing about a movie that was released years ago. But you should still warn the readers about what is to come in the next paragraph or line, so that they might skip that portion if they don’t want to read spoilers. Some sites have a nice feature where all the spoilers are hidden unless the visitor opts to view them.

Rate The Actors

Did the actors meet the expectations of their fans? They did justice to their role or not? This all should also be included. So, writing movie reviews (รีวิวหนัง) is a great thing, but you’ll have to adopt an rational approach instead of being dictated by your emotions.

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