Tips for choosing the best movie streaming website

If you’re a movie lover and cannot go out to watch a movie in the current situation and self quarantine, the best way to recreate a movie night is to find an online streaming site like Putlocker. Choosing the best streaming site online can be a bit of a hassle for people who are new to online movie streaming. Following are a few tips and tricks to choose the best movie streaming site for you.

Number or Genres of Movies available

The more movies a streaming site hosts, the better. Some sites offer a wide spectrum of genres to choose from, allowing the search for your favorite kind of movies much easier and quicker. Zombie movies as a separate genre for example, as compared to including zombie movies under Horror or Thriller tags.

If on the other hand, you’re someone who enjoys watching movies from different genres, and would like to explore something new, some other sites offer a brief number of genres, each of which includes many different themes of movies, allowing you to find something completely unique in your own chosen genre.

Free Streaming sites vs those with Subscriptions

A majority of movie streaming sites are free to use and there’s no need to subscribe or even sign up for an account. If you are someone who doesn’t want to pay for a service you can get easily for free then these sites are the best ones for you.

On the other hand if you’re someone who’s willing to pay a small price for better quality videos and faster streaming or download speeds, there are movie streaming sites that offer just that. They offer you UHD quality videos of all your favorite movies for a very small subscription fee that in no way compared to buying DVDs or watching all of those movies in the cinema.

Caution in Providing Personal Details

All of the movie streaming websites with Subscriptions, and some of them without subscription, offer you to sign up for an account, and thus demand personal information. A little general information is of course necessary to make an account on any website, but if you feel like the site is asking for too much information, it’s better to choose a different website. One can never be too careful when providing personal information online, specially when it comes to your bank details, home address, or personal contact numbers.

Alternatively you could always choose a completely free website like Putlocker, that does not require for you to sign up for an account at all.

Read online reviews

The best way to choose anything online is to take advantage of the experiences of other users before you. Read lots of online reviews, read short articles too if you have the time for it. The other users can give you a pretty accurate idea of the advantages and the shortcomings of any specific movie streaming website. They can give you information such as if the subscription is reliable, what is the video quality of a free website, what is the streaming speed like, or if there are many ads on the website. These reviews help you choose wisely.

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