Why Self Ordering Kiosks are Becoming the Secret Weapon for Successful Restaurants?

Every business has only two ways to increase profit. The first one is to increase its revenue and the other is to lower its expenditure. Ideally, it should do both to maximise the profit. With the competition becoming fiercer every day, no industry is immune to introduction of new ideas and concepts which enable businesses to thrive and stand out.

The catering industry is no exception. There are so many restaurants competing for customers that it is simply impossible to stay in business unless your restaurant offers something that would lower your costs and boost your revenue. Since customers return to restaurants not only because of the food they offer but due to the overall experience, it’s vital to find a way to provide excellent and efficient service at affordable prices to survive. We’re going to take a look at one trend that is taking the catering business by storm and that is the introduction of self-ordering kiosks.

Customers tend to spend more

Instead of spending hours training your staff upselling techniques, you can achieve the same result with the introduction of this customer-facing technology. A modern self-ordering kiosk automatically suggests your high-margin items and pricey add-ons to customers, who seem much more likely to choose additional toppings and make their own combinations when they feel they are in control, rather than feeling under pressure when listening to a staff member’s recommendations. Some major fast-food chains have noticed a significant increase in the amounts earned on order taken by their digital app as opposed to those taken by human cashiers.

Shortening wait times

Another important aspect that has a great impact on customers’ experience is the amount of time they have to wait to order and pay for their meal. We have all seen lines being build-up while only one person is manning the cash during lunch- or dinner rush. A self-ordering kiosk makes it possible for customers to order and pay much faster, especially since more and more of them are using apps for mobile payment, such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. If you manage to reduce wait time, you’ll take some pressure off of your staff, especially during peak times. On top of all that, the customers will be extremely happy to experience this and recommend it to their friends and you can hardly put a price on a good word-of-mouth campaign, can you?

Improving order accuracy

When a member of you staff takes an order, there is always a chance there will be some misunderstanding, which might lead to customer complaints, regardless of whether such objections are well-founded or not. That also means other people dining will listen to someone complaining about your service, which definitely ruins everyone’s experience. On the other hand, if you have a self-ordering kiosk, the margin of error for orders will be decreased significantly. Kiosks have a visual menu that alleviates miscommunication and makes sure your customer knows exactly what they’re ordering. This also means they can’t come back complaining you got their order wrong. On top of all that, your kitchen staff won’t have to waste time and prepare additional orders.

Saving money on labour

As we’ve established, one way to help your company grow is to eliminate unnecessary expenditure. With self-serving kiosks you can actually save quite a lot on labour, while at the same time improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. This modern technology lets you have fewer counter service workers, which means more can work in the kitchen, for example, since that’s where your money is. Also, when hiring more people, you’re always at risk of finding their replacement in case your staff member gets ill or quits suddenly. It takes time and money to find a suitable replacement and then you have to train them, which means you need to waste even more resources. Self-servicing kiosks eliminate that risk, too, which is another reason they are so popular.

Helping build customer loyalty

Every business wants the customers to return to them and continue making purchases. For that to happen, the customers need to find the quality of product or service worth the money they’re paying. Also, they want every step in the process, from ordering food to paying for it, to run smoothly and quickly. That’s where having self-ordering kiosks can play an important role. They might be just the thing that sets your restaurant apart from others in the neighborhood, especially if people start talking about their positive experience with your restaurant. If that experience is memorable and delightful, your new customers will inevitable become regulars, which means you’ll build their loyalty and we all know how important that is in today’s business world.

These are the most important reasons why self-ordering kiosks are so popular nowadays. They are here to stay and it’s up to you to jump on the bandwagon as soon as possible if you wish to help your business grow.

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