Why Acrylic Hangers Are Best For Your Boutique?

When you are running a brick and mortar fashion store, the hanger is a basic requirement. You want to choose the best hangers that can keep dresses, pants and other clothing items clean, wrinkle-free and organized. However, making the right choice sometimes becomes difficult as there are different types of hangers available to display your latest collection to your customers. Visual merchandising is an important thing you need to learn when it comes to starting a fashion boutique.

Visual Merchandising

In the retail industry, visual merchandising is the practice of increasing sales by developing floor plans. You can use 3-dimensional displays as well to highlight the features and benefits of the product you are selling. The purpose of visual merchandising is to gain the attention of the buyer. The way you display your products can motivate the customer to make a purchase.

Why Acrylic Hangers?

People usually do not pay attention to unattractive, general hangers. As these hangers are cheap, general hangers are readily available. Hangers made from poor quality material can even ruin your garments.

a). Being too flimsy, plastic hangers may not maintain the shape of the garment. This can shorten the lifespan of the garment.

b). Wire hangers are too weak for hanging clothes. They not only bend very easily but also get rusted. As they bend very easily, wire hangers cannot keep clothing free from wrinkles. Moreover, rusted hangers can leave marks on the garments. No one is going to purchase a stained white shirt. Clothes can easily slip off the hanger.

c). Wooden hangers are ideal for heavy garments only. Hangers made from wood can be easily cracked or broken.

However, you don’t need to worry about any of these problems when you are using clutter-free hangers such as acrylic clothes hangers.

a). Acrylic hangers are not commonly seen in houses. Most families use plastic or wire hangers. So, you can use uncommon acrylic hangers to attract customers.

b). Invisible acrylic hangers are made from hard and unbreakable crystal clear plexiglass. Even thinner acrylic cloth hangers are very sturdy. So, they can maintain the shape of your garments.

c). Even when you are hanging heavy garments, these hangers don’t bend at all. Heavy-duty acrylic hangers have a lifetime lasting use. So, a fashion store owner gets better value.

d). They come in special designs such as clips and notches. You can also buy hangers with silicone non-slip rubber bands. So, your garment doesn’t get wrinkled or slipped off.


Choosing An Acrylic Hangers Supplier

You cannot use poor quality hangers to display your clothing lines. Make sure that you are choosing a supplier selling the best-constructed product. Visit the online store of a hangers supplier and you will find that acrylic clothes hanger come in different designs. They can have different clip colors and hooks. The clear frame of these invisible hangers can go well with any type of clothing or store decor. And, this is done without detracting from your current merchandise design.

Price can be secondary, quality should be the most important factor dictating your choice. You want to keep your products in top condition. The way you are displaying your clothing can affect sales.

The elegant, streamlined design made of crystal-clear acrylic adds a luxurious look and feel. The classic, flat profile of these hangers are perfect for a variety of garments. You can easily spot a good hangers supplier by exploring its large range of selection and product quality. You can find hangers in a range of designs and colors. Don’t forget to read the return and refund policy so that you can return a hanger with some manufacturing defect. Keep in mind that acrylic hangers are the best. However, you have to choose the best supplier as well.

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