What is the Salesforce Platform App Builder Training

The Salesforce Platform App Builder is said to be the top certification. Within Salesforce, the term “Declaratively” is referred to as a difference between programmatic meaning (utilizing both Apex & Visualforce coding) and point & click building applications. It is not required to have programming skills and detailed knowledge to get the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification. However, you need to utilize your knowledge for coding when required to achieve the desired objective. Once you obtain this certificate then you are a Certified Salesforce Platform App Builder.

Key Facts

Find below the list of key facts before appearing for the certification:

  • The pricing to appear for the certification is $200 and if successful, you can re-appear for the certification again at $100.
  • There are no requirements or prerequisites.
  • 63% could be the passing score.
  • You need to complete the exam in 105 minutes.
  • The question paper includes 60 numbers of multiple-choice questions.

There are 9 different topics covered in the Salesforce Platform App Builder certification. The highest weight-age was provided to the Logic & Process Automation with 27%. You need to concentrate more or focus on this topic to perform well. Find below the list of topics with its appropriate weight-age:

Social – 3%

Reporting – 5%

Mobile – 5%

Salesforce Fundamentals – 8%

App Development – 8%

Security – 10%

User Interface – 14%

Data Modeling & Management – 20%

Logic & Process Automation – 27%

Contents for Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

Find below the list of core topics that are available within the Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification and the training session:

Salesforce Fundamentals – In this topic, you should know the basic capabilities of its base system objects as well as cases in terms of programmatic versus Declarative Customized Solutions. It is also essential to understand the use cases to utilize under the AppExchange app.

App Development – In this topic, you have to know the best practices & options for deploying an application within the sandbox with the assistance of production. It includes numerous types of Sandboxes to utilize each type when it is required. You should understand the roles as well as capabilities of respective packages which are unmanageably existing in the app deployment. You can deploy the metadata within the sandbox by using the changesets. It is also essential to understand the use cases and as well as capabilities.

Mobile – Here, you should be aware of the different options about customizing declaratively with the support of the Salesforce Mobile App. The User interface of the Salesforce Mobile App includes options like action layouts, object-specific actions, and global actions. It is important to utilize the appropriate options for any particular scenario.

Reporting – This section will include only a 5% weight-age to this certification module. You can get only a few questions with the capabilities of custom vs. standard report types, dashboards, and report formats.

User Interface – When it comes to this section, you need to know the customization declaratively regarding user interface and how to proceed with the links, actions and finally custom icons. It is also important to know the Lightning Components incorporated with the application.

Social – This is one of the lowest weight-age topics with 3% under the Salesforce Platform App Builder. You can expect only one or two questions from the Social topic. The social profiles are connected using Salesforce with contacts, business & person accounts, and leads. Salesforce Classic can be used to contact numerous social network profiles such as YouTube and Twitter. Salesforce Lightning and the Mobile App are used to access only Twitter with its respective social account features. The social connection features can be easily accessed by the Admin after enabling the available features.

They are organization leads, contacts, and social accounts for configuring using personal settings along with features. The social capabilities should be aware of the Salesforce Mobile App and the Desktop site. The feature or options are controlled & enabled by the Administrator role. The Social Customer service is offered by Salesforce by allowing the users for creating leads, contacts, and cases using the Social Media Posts. The use cases and capabilities should be aware of the Social Customer service. You can get this Salesforce training in London or any other locations across the globe.

Business Logic & Process Automation – The Business Logic & Process Automation is the highest weight-age topic available within this section at 27%. It is more essential to be familiar with this topic while attending the certification examination. You need to understand the business logic processes within the application to use the roll-up summary fields, validation rules, formula fields, and record types. Most of the automation tools need to utilize the Process Builder, Flow Builder, Workflow, and Approval Processes.

The recursion is caused by updating the potential fields and need to know its importance as well. Recursion is one of the best valid programming techniques that can call its method to resolve any sort of complex issue. You may also experience a recursive loop problem within the Salesforce application. Any update from one section will trigger to utilize another section that will cause a complex problem on your first field.

Security – It is declaratively customized or building an application should utilize the appropriate level of field, record, and object for different user types. The various scenarios are represented by the security section to determine the sharing solution and its appropriate access. It includes features like field level & manual sharing security, sharing rules, role hierarchy, permission sets, and profile object access.

Data Modeling & Management – The Data Modeling & Management is the next most essential section with 20% weight-age within the Salesforce Platform App Builder certificate. You need to know the importance of numerous topics related to Data modeling & management. Within the scenario, you need to determine the respective data model to use. The implications and different types of relationships are chosen based on the record access, reporting, and user interface.

The capabilities and use cases should be familiar with its appropriate use and external objects to utilize the data model design. The data model is visually worked by understanding the scheme builder capabilities. Moreover, you need to be more familiar with importing & exporting the data information within the Salesforce application.

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