Spectrum Internet Self Installation Guide

So, you have shopped for Spectrum Internet? If yes, that’s the best decision ever. Besides being reliable, Spectrum internet prices are affordable. The most interesting thing is that you can install the internet by yourself. We’re going to look at how to go about the installation process below.

What are the Advantages of Spectrum Internet Self Installation?

The best thing about installing Spectrum internet yourself is that it’s easy to install. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in the process. Also, self-installation is cheap because you won’t have to pay for the installation service, or have a technician come to your house.

Furthermore, you decide when you want to do the installation. There is no schedule for when you should do it. Self-installation of Spectrum internet is the way to go, especially if you are able to do the troubleshooting. You can always get help via the phone from a Spectrum professional.

Spectrum Internet Self–Installation

Installing your spectrum internet is easy because there is a step-by-step instruction kit provided. The Spectrum Internet self-installation kit contains all the details you need to install your new internet.

The kit has the following:

  • Welcome guide & instructions
  • Modem
  • Ethernet cable
  • Two power cables
  • Wi-Fi router
  • Coaxial cable

First, confirm whether you have all the necessary pieces before you start installing. That way, you’ll avoid the frustration of learning that you have missing pieces in the middle of your installation process.

How to Install Your Spectrum Internet

After confirming that you have all the pieces in the self-install kit, you’re ready to start.

Below are steps to follow to install your spectrum router and modem:

  1. Pick the coax cable and attach one of its ends to the modem. The other end of the coax cable should be attached to the cable outlet.
  2. Now it’s time to connect one power cable to your modem. Wait for it to connect. Once the online indicator light changes to solid, that’s a sign that the connection is complete. Wait for about 5 minutes.
  3. Attach the Ethernet cable to the wireless router and the modem.
  4. Take the second power cable and connect it to the router. Wait for about 10 minutes for it to power up. Once the Wi-Fi status light changes to solid green, you can now connect the devices.
  5. Connect your PC or computer to the spectrum Wi-Fi network. The network name, as well as the password, is usually printed on stickers or at the back of your router. You can customize the name and the password of your Wi-Fi at this point.
  6. Having done that, go online to activate/ start your service.

How to Activate your Spectrum Internet Service?

Activating Spectrum Internet service does not take long. After you’re done hooking up your router, you are supposed to connect to the new Wi-Fi network. Click on a web browser and you will be directed to the Spectrum Internet activation page instantly.

What are The Benefits of Installing Spectrum Internet?

Spectrum Internet service is great. It’s not only fast, but also its highly reliable. Also, it has zero data caps, not to mention it has multiple security features. It is also sold at affordable prices.

If all you want to watch favorite Hollywood movies without interruptions, you should consider buying Spectrum Internet. The best part is that you can install this internet in your home or office all by yourself.

Spectrum internet is so fast you won’t be disappointed by its streaming capabilities. It has speeds that begin at 60Mbps. Basically; this speed is almost 20 times faster as compared to DSL. The high speed of this internet allows it to support several devices in each room. You can be sure of the best internet experience with Spectrum Internet.

The spectrum internet installation process is very convenient and stress-free. You just need to follow the easy instructions as outlined above.

However, in case you have a problem troubleshooting, you can call a Spectrum professional to help you do the installation over the phone. That means in a short while, you will be browsing using the fast internet provided by Charter Communications (Spectrum). Even with multiple family devices, all of you will surf the internet without any problems.

Finally, the secret to a fast Wi-Fi network is a high-quality router. The Spectrum internet router has the fast speed, power and range you need, allowing the internet to pass through walls and furniture in your home.

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