Rekeying or Changing Locks: Which is the Best Option?

Moving into a new house can be quite a stressful process, but some people manage to find joy in it. There are various reasons why people decide to move, such as needing more space, getting a new job, wanting the change of scenery, a fresh start, etc. A new house also requires painting walls, buying new furniture and house accessories. But it also means taking the necessary steps to ensure you and your family’s security.

When you move into a house that has had residents before you, it is highly recommended to start thinking about changing locks or rekeying them. Previous owners might have given spare keys to their family members or friends. So, to be able to feel as relaxed and comfortable at home as possible, you should call a residential locksmith.  The biggest question you might ask a locksmith is whether to change the locks or to rekey them. While changing locks sounds more secure, it is also more expensive.

A home locksmith removes the old locks and replaces it with a new one when it is changing the locks. You will have new locks with new keys, but replacing locks isn’t always necessary. Unfortunately, not many people know that there is a cheaper alternative. Having your locks rekeyed means that the old keys won’t work anymore. When you move into a new house, rekeying your locks more sense.

Another reason you might need rekeying your locks is by losing your house keys. House keys get lost all the time, and it can be very frustrating if you don’t have a spare key. If you have your locks rekeyed, you have a guarantee that no one except you and your family has access to your residence.

If your locks are old, and they are wearing out, you need a locksmith to have your locks changed. In this case, replacing them with new, modern locks is a better option. Another reason you might think about changing your locks is a desire to upgrade your security system. Nowadays, there are different types of electronic locks that are more secure and updated.

If you have locks of different brands and you might want to use the same key on all of them. Or you might want to have your locks in a different design, color. Changing your locks is an effective way to achieve that.

No matter which service you require, a residential locksmith can assist you. If you decide to have your locks changed, it is quite important to buy a lock that meets your demands and requirements. Since there are many types of locks on the market, it is quite difficult to choose the best one. Locksmiths can help you with that. Professional and experienced locksmiths will be able to answer all of your questions and offer an effective solution. You don’t know when you might need locksmiths, so it is recommended to have a “locksmiths near me” page in your phone book.

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