Hi AXI, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

YO! thank u for having me 🙂 I’m over the moon guys.. a dream of mine since i was a kid has come true! feeling all the love on “Hands On Me” & i couldn’t be happier!

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Hands On Me”?

“Hands On Me” is the song u sing in the shower, the song u blast thru your speakers with the windows down while your cruising thru a summers night, the song u dance to while you’re crying happy or sad tears, the one u sing to the stars with your closest friends, & the song that gives u goosebumps while holding the one u love.. thats hands on me

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

yes actually.. the end of 2015 i left Australia & flew half-way across the world.. that’s tough! i left my family, friends & everything i know for my music.. u know, when you’re home & u have a bad day, u have people around u to be there for u, to hold, to talk to.. but when you’re away, u suddenly lose all of that. “Hands On Me” is inspired by that feeling.. the thought of that one person u think of in a moment of need, whether its a parent, a best friend, a brother, a sister or a lover.. u just need their hand on u to feel x1000000 times better.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

it definitely was a thought, but i want to do a video right! i have a lot of video content I’m dropping on my socials right now that show my personality, aesthetic & colour as an artist & I want that to take people of a journey.. a video is coming, maybe not for this one but it’s coming!!

How was the recording and writing process?

oh man.. the recording & writing process was emotional, vulnerable & educational! i wrote it in Toronto, Canada with my brother André, my boys Matt James & Frank Sanders & Alexander “Pilz” Vujic & those 4 boys also co-produced the record! when we got into the studio, i remember just sitting at the piano playing some chords, expressing myself with no walls & these guys completely dived in with me.. we were vulnerable, real & raw.. the words in the song are relatable to every single human out there, thats what i wanted, to be able to speak to the people through my music.

What role does Australia play in your music?

Australia plays a part in more so who i am as a human, my parents play a huge part in my music! i have always been a kid who has wanted MORE.. i want bigger, i want better & i believe in myself to get it sooo if Australia has taught me anything it’s how hard u have to work to get your voice heard.. we’re so very far from everything that its not the easiest thing to be seen/heard! AUS has taught me to take chances & don’t be afraid to go out of my comfort zone.

Do you tend to take a different approach when you’re collaborating with someone else rather than working on your own?

not exactly, actually whenever I’m in a room working on my art, whoever it may be with, i am true to myself as an artist.. i like to feel free & collaborative! but the truth is, i rarely step away from my team.. the bond & connection i have with my brother André is out of this world! we’ve been writing together since we were kids, we’ll be doing this together till the end! & my 2 guys Matt James (UK) & Frank Sanders (Germany), when we’re in the studio together, whether it’s 2, 3 or all 4 of us, there’s nothing quite like it… we find magic every time.

How would you say you have learned from your experience working and writing for some of the biggest names in the industry?

motivating! if i can do it for them, i can do it for myself! hahah predominantly i’ve always dreamt of writing for myself, being an artist first & foremost, but songwriting for others has given me a lot of light on what works & what doesn’t! & of course, the more u do something, the better u get! so i feel like my songwriting has only been getting better & that benefits me as a songwriter & an artist.

Does the big reception your music gets puts any pressure on you for your solo music?

i feel like myself as a songwriter & myself as an artist are 2 completely different things.. as a songwriter i put myself in the shoes of others, tell a story a different way, a way someone else hasn’t thought of.. but as an artist, i can be myself.. talk about MY feelings & emotions without any boundaries! so no, i wouldn’t say it puts pressure on my solo stuff, cause even though i’ve achieved successes with my songwriting, i’ve only just begun my solo career & i need to let the process be the process & not compare the 2.

Does the new single mean we can expect new material – how’s that coming along?

two words.. HELL YES! haha i can say that the next 24 weeks will be quite a rollercoaster.. new music is either finished or well-underway, so many exciting new things are coming your way but i’ll let that be a surprise for now.. 😉

What else is happening next in AXI’s world?

AXI’s world is being explored every day.. new islands to discover, new feelings to uncover.. full of colourful heartbreak roads, sad valleys, happy stars, cold days & warm nights.. all i know is that, it’s a world u wanna be apart of!


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