How to find out the perfect voiceover talent for the next corporate video?

For a corporate video, you need to select a fine voiceover artist. Since they give voice to your brand, you have to make sure that the person you choose sounds real. Only then can it be possible to establish a bond between your brand and the customers for whom you are doing this. If the voice doesn’t go well with your theme, it may hamper all the relationship-building opportunities. So, when voice over needed, look out for the right talent who can do justice to your video. Here are some quick tips to help you in this matter.

Describe your brand

Every niche business has certain emotions attached to it. A finance company believes in offering security and solidity. Similarly, a household cleaning product firm would prefer to be friendly, positive, and efficient. So, you have to figure out an emotion that describes your brand the best and you can identify a voice that embodies all the necessary elements in it.

Male VS female voice

It may look easy to take a call on it. But if you dig deeper, you would realise that it is more of strategic decision-making. Some studies show that female voices get more preference for their soothing effect, while male voices attract more attention for being authoritative. You cannot be conclusive about the distinction, but it doesn’t mean you can select anyone without putting much thought into the process. As per marketing experts, you should opt for a male voiceover artist if the main customers are male, and a female artist if the primary target audience is female. However, instead of you going by the assumption, audition both the voices and test them with the audience.

Portfolio/sample of work

One of the best ways to understand who can be better for your project is to check their voice clip or previous work record. You can check whether the person is suitable for a corporate video or has got more of a commercial tone. Based on the theme of your video, you can then select one. Some voiceover artist websites provide details of the person with their strengths. If you don’t have much time, you can see them quickly and decide.

Voice for the target group

Not every type of voice can be perfect for all videos and audiences. For instance, if the video has to target children, the sound should emanate energy and expressiveness. For senior people, the voice needs to acquire a calm, deep, and balanced tone. If the voice doesn’t match with the particular category of audience, your whole exercise would be vain.

Casting call

You have to go through different voiceovers of different artists before choosing the final one of them. If there is a voiceover agency in your mind, you can check their website or talk to them to find a talented person for your needs. It would be best to include some more people in the selection process so that a quick and accurate decision can be taken. You will also be able to complete your work fast because others who join you for the demo will most likely be from your target market only.

Target demographic

As hinted once, the voice of the artist should be able to reach your audience. If you are targeting females between 35 and 55 age groups, you need to find a voice that would resonate with them. For this, you have to do a demographic test. The more number of people it reaches out to and the more positive responses you get, it means everything is fine. Just remember if the video is going to have a limited reach, then opinions of five to six people should be enough to consider. However, if the video is going to have a nation-wide impact, then you would want to be sure before moving ahead.

Presentation VS storytelling

Some videos tend to be for presentation purposes, while some are usually online ads. If it’s something like an infomercial, you would want to rope in a voiceover artist who has a charm of a traditional style presenter. For a narrative, hiring someone with an expressive voice is better because the person would know how to use the right dose of drama and character.


If you are eyeing the international market with a web video, then it is better to look for a British or American accent. As such, British voiceovers are quite popular. So, you can think over and decide what serves your purpose the best. Anyway, if your target market is regional, then it makes sense to opt for a local flavour in the voice.

These are only a few things that you need to keep in mind while selecting a voiceover artist for your video. No matter what approach you choose for this work, you have to be thorough with the selection process to get the desired results.

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