Greyhound racing: The different types and the betting

The world of greyhound racing has such attractive connotations that they attract more followers every year. Greyhound racing and betting do not go out of style and remain as interesting and followed as the first day. The world of greyhound racing has such attractive connotations that they attract more fans every year. For example, there are different types of greyhound racing.

At first glance, it appears that all types of greyhound racing initially look more or less the same. However, this could not be further from reality, there are a combination of factors that make each race completely unique. Let’s see the different types of greyhound racing that can be enjoyed:


Distance plays a key factor in categorizing different greyhound races. For each track, the official lengths can differ, but can generally be divided into Sprints, Middle, Stayers, and Marathon. Sprints are generally less than 300 meters, while Middle runs are around 450 to 550 meters. Stayers runs between 600 and 700 meters, while Marathon runs over 800 meters and reach up to 1100 meters.


Greyhound racing is highly dependent on the track surface. Since the track is always outside, weather conditions can affect the composition of the race and how fast greyhounds will run.

For example, all greyhound tracks in the UK now use a sandy surface, although they previously used a grass track. On the other hand, in hot weather, the track becomes very hard, allowing greyhounds to run fast and generally break records.

Greyhound Age

The age of a greyhound classifies in which race it will go. Any greyhound under 24 months of age is listed as a puppy, and will be asked to participate in puppy racing. Greyhounds are generally considered to be at their best around 30-36 months, although some consider the difference between 21 and 30 months to be good for supporting speed dogs.

Obstacle race

The obstacle course was an innovation introduced in the 20th century to keep the public coming to greyhound racing. It is basically the same as greyhound racing, except that it requires the dog to jump over obstacles. As it requires a certain level of skill for the greyhound much like other types of racing, there are certain dogs that really dominate this field, making this a good race for so called favorites.

Racing handicap

Simply put, handicap races are used to make a career more interesting. This is where greyhounds of different abilities can run together, each with the same chance of winning. Here the traps will be staggered, giving the slower dogs an advantage. These breeds divide dogs into different qualities, which include their rhythm, the speed with which they leave, the previous results, etc.

How about the betting?

Betting in this sport is the main means of support so that these greyhounds never stop running, and can bet from a few bucks. There are many betting sites that handle this kind of betting and everyone can find information about greyhound betting at sites like

Win: This is a single bet in which you have to designate the winning greyhound, a high amount is won if the greyhound comes first.

Place: in this bet two favorite greyhounds are designated and it is won if they arrive in first or second position, regardless of the order.

Each way: this is a “win” bet plus a “place” bet on the same greyhound, this means that they are called two favorite greyhounds and the order in which they will arrive. If both win in that order, you receive win win plus place winnings. If the order is not correct, the winnings are only received as if it had been a place bet. This is a double chance of winning.

Forecast: Select two greyhounds so that they finish first and second in the correct order, that is, you have to bet on a winning greyhound and another that is in second place.

Reverse forecast: You must choose two greyhounds, who must finish in first and second place, regardless of the order, but must finish the race between the first two places.

Trio / Trio always: Select three greyhounds to finish first, second and third in any order, that is, this bet covers three greyhounds, to finish in any position, all three must be in the lead.

Jackpot: this bet consists of making a kind of pool, predicting the winners of each race that will take place on the day. The money from all Jackpot bettors is put into a pool and if all winners are hit, the money from the pool is won. If there are multiple winners, it is shared among them.

Greyhound racing is more fashionable than ever a show worth seeing and feeling live. Whatever your preference, greyhound racing is a spectacle that is hard to miss.

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