Best Tips and Tricks in Playing Bowling

Covered by the City of Newcastle, Kotara is situated 9 kilometres from the shopping district of Newcastle and can be accessed by car, bus or train. There are also places that you can visit with your family, such as the Aquastars Swim School located 2 to 5 kilometres from Kotara, or if you are into baseball, you can also visit the Kotara South Netball Club in Kotara South.

There are also good Kotara bowling centres near the area that you can visit with your family and friends, as well as other recreational activities that you can enjoy with them.

But what is it about bowling that interests old and young people alike? This article will talk about the things that you should take note of playing bowling.

Best Bowling Techniques to Learn

Straight Bowling

The best move to get spares if only one pin is left, but the worst shot to make as it may not provide the angle that you want to get the ball to the pockets best hit by righties or lefties. There are some angles that you need to watch out for, as it may result to splits, but, it is the most basic shot that can be done in bowling and is the best shot to learn first for newbies.

Hook Bowling

If you have been playing bowling for a time, you will get to see the things that you cannot do with a straight ball, which is why the hook bowling technique was invented.

It is done by starting with a straight shot, and curves to an angle when it makes its way towards the pin. The hook shot is challenging to master, as you would have to think about how the shot should be made so that it can curve towards where the bowling ball should pass to get a perfect strike.

Backup Bowling

Also known as a reverse hook shot, it got its name from the hook shot but as the name suggests, is a complete reversal of the original. The ball that comes from the right to the left will now come from left to right direction for righties. For lefties, what comes from the left to right direction will now come from right to left.

It is best to stick to this shot instead of alternating it with a different one, as you might get confused with the wrist movements that you should be doing.

Once you get to any Kotara bowling center, ensure that you take care of yourself once you start to play so you will not end up having a sprain or an accident.

Shot Deliveries and Approaches

There are the four-step, five-step, two-handed and spinner approaches.

For a four-step delivery, is a great first shot for newbies to learn so they can get a fit foundation in playing bowling. The reason for the name is the four steps you need to make from the foul line to where you need to make your shot towards the pins.

The difference from this delivery to a five-step is just an addition of another step, resulting in a five and a half steps total from the foul line to the spot where you need to take the shot.

Between the two-handed and spinner approaches, if you are looking for a shot that results to a faster ball, you can make the two-handed approach which is a variation of the four-step or five-step delivery to achieve this effect.

The spinner approach is also a variation of the four-step and five-step delivery where an added spin to a lighter ball can result in a more accurate shot.

Bowling may sound complicated to newbies, but once you get the hang of it, scoring strikes and avoiding splits will not be so challenging anymore. Practice makes perfect so make it a habit to visit bowling centres at least once a week.

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