A Professional Guide Before Doing Paint at Home

Painting a house can enhance its aesthetic appeal and also increase the value of a property. Homeowners should paint their homes every two to three years to maintain their visual appeal. However, there are many things that homeowners should consider before painting their homes.

Some things are only known to professional painters and not to DIY painters. Therefore, people need to know what things they need to do before painting their homes. These things are necessary to get a high-quality paint job and make the paint last longer. So, let us know more about the essential steps that homeowners should follow before beginning to paint their homes.


Sampling means testing several shades of color, as the light in any space, and alter the look or any shade. Therefore, it is essential to test various shades of the color that you want to paint in your interiors. It is very easy to test the shades as all you need it to place a poster board in different walls of a room and check how they look in the day and night. Sampling can help homeowners to choose the right color and shade for every area of their house.

Get the necessary material

Collect all the necessary materials required for the paint job. You will need materials like brushes, rollers, tapes, nails, ladders, paint trays, and drop cloths. Save time and frustration by listing all the things you need to get the job done and making sure they’re all in one location before you start. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of a project only to realize that you can’t find anything you need. Save yourself time and stress by listing all the things you need to get the job done to make sure they’re all in one location before you start. There’s nothing worse than being in a project to realize that you can’t find everything you need.

Prep work

The prep work consists of washing the walls, scrubbing them, and priming before painting. Therefore, homeowners need to follow these steps to prepare their walls for the paint job.

Wash the walls


With time, the walls catch and accumulate a lot of dust and dirt that is sometimes not visible. Use a garden hose or pressure washer to wash the walls and remove the dust and dirt. Pressure washers can be harmful if not handled carefully. Therefore, a garden hose is always a better and safe option for homeowners. You can use a soap solution and long handle brush to remove the dirt and dust from the walls.

Priming the walls

Priming the walls is a big step towards ensuring a smooth and uniform finish. Walls continue to absorb the paint, and you need several coats to get the look you want if you skip priming them. Also, if there is already another paint color on the walls, you might find that it requires two, three, or even four coats to cover it. First prime the walls will remove some of these problems and ensure that you have the final product you want.

Mix all the paint in a bucket

If you are going to use several buckets of paint, chances are there that they may vary slightly in the shade, even though you bought the same shade. Using different buckets of the same shade can produce a slight difference in the shade on the walls. Therefore, mixing the paints from multiple buckets in a large bucket can create a uniform shade, and you will get the same on all the walls. By mixing all the paint in a large bucket and taking the paint from that bucket in small trays or buckets will produce a uniform shade on the walls.

Put drop cloths on the floor


Even the world’s best painter, can make a mistake or have an accident, so don’t skip the step of putting gowns down, particularly if you have wall-to-wall carpets. Though paint splatters may often be removed from hardwood, laminate, or tile floors, keeping paint out of the carpet is nearly impossible. So, if anything happens, like you unintentionally spill a can or a tray of paint, you can spend a lifetime attempting to clean it from the floor, regardless of what kind of flooring you have.

Cover the furniture 

You might presume that after you are finished with the painting, you’ll clean up the floor, but you might not know that there are few materials that aren’t paint-friendly. Until beginning the paint job, it is also best to cover the floor with drop cloths or a newspaper. Always cover it with drop cloths or plastic sheets, such as sofas, shrubs, beds, chairs, decks, patios, and walkways. It will later save you from rough cleaning work.

Remove or cover the fixtures

You don’t want to spill the paint on the fixtures like electrical switches and doorknobs. You can cover these things with a painter’s tape or remove them completely before painting your walls. Taping or removing the fixtures can save them from paint spills. If you don’t want to remove the accessories as it can cause inconvenience, you can prefer taping instead of removing them.

Hire professional painters

Homeowner prefers painting a home once in three to four years. Therefore, the paint job needs to be done with high quality and precision. The painters in Carindale offers high-quality painting services to people living in and around the city. Homeowners who choose to paint their house themselves can lead to a low-quality paint job, and they may need to repaint sooner.

Final Words

These are the tips that homeowners should follow before painting their homes. Sampling helps you to select the right color and shade for your walls. Prep work helps you to prepare the walls for proper coating and uniform finish. Moreover, covering the furniture, floors, and fixtures protects them from paint spills and saves a lot of time while cleaning after completion of paintwork. Following these tips can help homeowners to paint their homes with high quality and precision.

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