UAE’s First CRM Realizes Big Data True Potential

DUBAI — The UAE’s first home-grown CRM software will help small and medium enterprises to realize the true potential of big data by offering a competitive strategy to boost sales and profitability.

Saphyte by Loyica, CRM software which has been gaining momentum during its soft launch across the Gulf region, analyzes big data in real-time and help SMEs and big businesses to frame strategies as per the customer choice. The software capitalizes on growing usage of big data in key industries such as real estate, insurance, and education to accommodate the growing list of clients in an organized manner and to maintain a 360-degree view of your customer relationships.

Ali Homadi, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Saphyte, explained how big data guides SMEs and big businesses to make strategic decisions.

“Big data allows businesses to analyze the information generated from previous customer interactions. The combination of big data and data gathered from CRM systems help businesses identify customer-related patterns and trends, which can be used by companies to encourage loyalty and trigger purchase behavior,” Homadi said in the statement.

Saphyte is a UAE-based tech company that provides CRM solutions to local businesses. It developed Saphyte by Loyica to provide a competitive edge to local businesses to improve their sales and profits by decoding big data in real-time.

“CRM solutions generate so much useful data and help analyze complex data sets that take traditional data-processing software too long to process, even with the help of human intervention,” Homadi said.

Leading companies across the globe have been using big data while taking managerial decisions to mitigate risks and increase profit. Using big data, companies like Netflix reportedly save around US$1 billion per year on customer retention by enhancing the customer experience and providing personalized recommendations.

According to McKinsey, retailers that invest in big data get as much as about 15 to 20 percent out of their investments. With tools that deal with big data built within CRM solutions such as Saphyte, Salesforce, and Hubspot, among others, businesses can predict a change in traffic, reduce customer churn, and encourage purchase behavior to boost sales and profit.

“Using big data with the help of CRM gives so much return on investment (ROI), especially to budding enterprises,” Stephanie Schoenherr, Project Manager of Saphyte, said.

“Businesses that take big data seriously gain an upper hand. When guided by data, the risks and impact of their decisions will be mitigated and key opportunities will be identified beforehand so that the business will make the most out of them. This allows businesses to accelerate their growth and have better marginal profits compared to their competitors,” she added.

Big data is important in showing actionable insights. To get these insights, the tools built within CRM software are designed to gather data from several sources such as websites, business apps, email, and social media and organize this data in a centralized database. The data will then be analyzed automatically by CRM software which will guide key decision-makers of an organization to ensure the most desirable outcome of their decisions.


Loyica is a tech company that is based in Dubai. It was founded last 2016 by Ali Homadi, an enthusiastic entrepreneur with a variety of experience in the local market. Ever since, the Loyica team has worked steadily towards developing and providing top of the line tech solutions to the market, especially towards small businesses that have historically had a difficult time getting this advantage. Today, Loyica helps businesses improve in two ways: end-to-end digital solutions, which work to give businesses a headstart on the tech space; and centralized tech systems, especially in the fields of Fintech and Martech.

Loyica offers businesses a bespoke full-suite of expert-level services that address all the aspects of the companies’ digital requirements such as online marketing in different channels, graphic design, online content, apps, and website development, customer-relations management and more. Loyica’s solution enables businesses to build the digital presence they need with greater effectiveness, high quality, and with an alternatively more efficient costing.

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