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A situational Comedy or Sitcom is a genre built on a particular set of characters that are used to portray a comic and carry over from episode to episode. This genre initially originated on the radio. However, in recent years, it has taken many narrative forms through TV also. The Friends TV show also follows this genre and was initially released by the Comedy Central channel which further expanded to other colloquial online movie channels such as Netflix, and if you don’t have a Netflix subscription you can use these Free Methods on How to Get Netflix Account. WestEndPress Listed all working ways, if you have anymore working ways to stream The Friends do let us know.

The cast involves 5 main characters who live together namely Joey, his roommate Chandler, Monica, her brother Ross, Rachel and Phoebe. The entire plot revolves around these characters with certain necessary appendages such as Mike and many others. By building a plot story involving only these characters, the directors have tried to reveal a plain ideology concerning a particular routine which is followed by these set of characters and a certain kind of discipline amongst them have also been showcased. The role of the cast can be further discussed below.

Explanation of the Cast:

  • Matt Le Blanc as Joey Tribbiani: The struggling life of an aspiring actor has been portrayed through Joey. He is shown to have landed on some fascination soap opera shows in his life which also made him part from his friends, however, he is seen to stay true to them until the very end.
  • Mathew Perry as Chandler: He is also Joey’s roommate and is regarded as the funniest character in the show for his one-liners. He is believed to poach his artistic skills for a job of his dislike. His plain life, however, comes to a halt after he accepts his feelings towards Monica, another character in the plot.
  • Courtney Cox as Monica Geller: A chef is known for her obsession regarding cleaning and arranging. She is also regarded as the most competitive character in the plot that also makes her the host of every part. She is also known to be very particular about the needs of her friends.
  • David Schwimmer as Ross Geller: A paleontologist by profession, Ross is the most intellectual character of the plot, the know-it-all who is bothersome to his friends. He is also portrayed as an ardent lover who keeps a particular spark for Rachel who is also Monica’s childhood friend.
  • Jennifer Anniston as Rachel Green: She is a warm-hearted and spoiled daughter at first but evolves into a woman who can make it on her own with the help of her friends. She is keen on fashion and works in the fashion industry, a job that she landed on her terms. She is not only Monica’s roommate but also the mother of Ross’s daughter Emma.
  • Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay: She is initially taken as an outcast as her roots belonged to a family unknown to the group and she lived afar. This character is most sympathized with as she is seen to lose her mother at a very young age and also have had built bitter relationships with her twin sister right after. However, she comes as this strong and determined masseuse who is continuously motivated by her friends.
Friends - The One that Goes Behind the Scenes

The Friends TV show is a proven medium of catering to your comic needs, relieving anxiety and filtering the negativity in life. Most TV shows are inspirational or directive, however, Friends simply abides by plain comedy which can be used in different forms by the audience. The various interpretations and advantages of this TV show so far can be discussed below.

5 Reasons That Motivate People to Watch The Friends TV Series:

  • The One-liners that are usually delivered by Chandler.
  • It can be watched the enumerable number of times as it evolves into something new at every turn.
  • Extremely relatable to the normal proceedings of life. The truth regarding life’s hardships has not been compromised by the plot but taken up more lightly.
  • Phoebe’s Songs are iconic and each one of them is remarkably composed and sang by her, at least she thinks they are remarkable.
  • It must teach us that perfection is not the ultimate goal in life.

Understanding the true meaning of the plot is very important as it evolves into something exceptional with every passing episode. This TV show is a must-watch for every Sitcom lover.

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