How GS1 Barcodes make the world a safer place

There are many theories about what makes the world go round.  Some say Love, some say Money. At Buy Barcodes South Africa we believe that GS1 Barcodes make the world go round.  We have become so used to encountering barcodes in every area of life that we take them for granted.  This blog is all about the different ways that barcodes actually make the world a safer place for everyone and the benefits you will reap if you buy a barcode for your business needs.

Firstly, two dimensional barcodes called Quick response barcodes (or QR codes for short) are being used extensively in the Medical industry.   They are used to assist in identifying patients.  Each patient will receive a wrist band with a QR code on it.  When this code is scanned, the nurse or doctor will have all the information regarding the patient that he or she needs in order to treat the patient effectively.  QR codes are also used to regulate patient medication.  It is critical that the right medication be given to the right patient at the right time.  Consequences of the incorrect medication being given can be fatal.  Using QR codes makes sure that this does not happen.

Another way that QR codes are used in the Medical Industry is to regulate the blood and urine samples so that they match up to the correct patient. They are also used to control the sterilization of surgical instruments.   In all these different ways, GS1 Barcodes make hospitals a safer place for everyone.  They enable doctors and nurses to give patients the best quality care possible in the most efficient manner as possible, thus saving both time and money.   Making mistakes in the Medical industry can be a life and death situation. Barcodes enhance the accuracy of patient care and ensure that there are fewer mistakes made.

Secondly, GS1 bar codes have been used in schools to regulate who has access to the school grounds.  With the rise in crime against children, it is critical to ensure that children who attend school are safe and secure at all times. It is very difficult to regulate and monitor who has access to the school grounds.  This is why many schools are starting to use barcodes to do this.  Visitors to the school cannot access the school grounds without a wristband with a barcode on it. They must report to reception to receive this barcoded wristband. This ensures that no unauthorized person can gain access to the children.  This is one of the ways that barcodes have made school environments safer for scholars.

Thirdly, barcodes are being used in some prisons in order to monitor inmates and ensure each inmate gets the medical care they need.  Each inmate receives a wristband with a photo and a QR Code. When the prison warders scan this barcode, they can find out all the information they need regarding the specific inmate such as name, level of offense, any medication they need, contact details of family, etc.  This enables the prison to provide a healthy environment for the rehabilitation of inmates into society.

Barcodes are used in the retail industry to regulate sales transactions, but also to assist in stock control. GS1 Barcodes (EAN & UPC Barcodes specifically) are used to regulate the stock entering and exiting the store.  This enables retailers to be able to determine whether there is any theft or shoplifting occurring so that they can take action.  This makes the retail space a safer place to be in.

Quick Response Codes are being used in Snapscan. This is an app that has been created for your smartphone, which allows you to make payments via your smart phone instead of using cash or cards.  This has made the retail environment much safer place to be in for both assistants and customers.  The level of theft has decreased drastically.  It also makes overseas visitors feel more comfortable about visiting South Africa as they have less to fear.   Carrying less cash and no cards means that the risk of being robbed is lowered.  This has in turn increased the level of tourism in South Africa.

Buy Barcodes is proud to be part of making South Africa a safer place.  We provide excellent barcodes at fantastic prices.  Our GS1 Barcodes are used throughout South Africa as well as Southern Africa and even internationally.  We are top in our field and offer an exceptional service that keeps our customers returning again and again for their barcode purchases!

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