CD REVIEW: The Spell Between by Caroline Blind

The Spell Between is finally out – Caroline Blind’s epic 11-track album flush with evocative lyrics and rumbling rhythms. Fearless and unforgettable, Blind has already released two singles, “First” and “Need To Say”. By unveiling the remaining 9 songs, Blind showcases her penchant for immersing her listeners into her intoxicating tones.

“God Damn The Sun” takes a deep dive into vulnerable waters. Blind’s lyrics but then you grew old, and I lost my ambition, So I gained an addiction, to drink and depression, they are mine, my only true friends, and I’ll keep them here with me, until the very end is staggeringly accurate. The idea that mental illness strips all control except for the control of having addiction and depression is tangible. It’s like that old saying, “misery loves company”. When Blind sings the chorus (God damn the sun, God damn the sun, God damn anyone that says a kind word), the listener feels like they’ve been there – the idea that when one is spiraling down, they don’t want someone smiling at them, they want someone drinking with them and being just as miserable.

In “Heaven” Blind’s vocals are a smidge brighter. She’s not singing in a blissful dream. But, she’s much more happy than “God Damn The Sun”. Her acoustic guitar is steady. Her melodies are strong here.

Things pick way up in “Tribe”. Man, that bass guitar is on time! Blind’s electric guitar is just running circles around the playground in this one and it feels ‘tribal.’ Fans of the rock band The Cult will dig this tune.


“Death To Sleep” has some interesting electronic tones. The vibe is a bit more dream-like. fans of Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor will really like the pulsating and Blind’s clear vocals.

 “Crescent and the Star” is another standout. The mood is murky guitars, with subtle percussion. The lyrics were interesting with the lines: and you can’t find another, on your specific coast, why are you wagering if every night’s insane? There are lights out on the ocean, calling out your name. The music bed is rapid and feels like a race to outrun the waves, outpace the storm a ‘comin. Blind’s lyrics evoke the idea of insomnia and paranoia. Her voice is a beacon, the compass she sings about. She’s not scary, but strangely calming.

The verdict? Caroline Blind’s The Spell Between casts a solid brew of intricate lyrics, prose, stirring vocals and rocking riffs. Blind is perhaps best when she’s plugged in, but the acoustic songs are slower, deeper cuts. Blind’s songs are not for the eternal optimistic. Her songs take the listener to dark corners of the mind, hardened parts of the heart. Her songs can feel isolating and lonely. She makes you feel. She make you face what you sometimes shy away from. Again, she makes you feel. Is that positive enough? For some. Yes. Fans of Alanis Morrisette, R.E.M., Nine Inch Nails, The Cult, The Cure and punk rock will find something that soothes their musical appetite.

by Bethany Page

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