A Solar Panel Installation Guide: This is What You Need to Know

So, you’re interested in using solar energy in your home. Great! The earth thanks you in advance for reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

And while the solar panel installation process has a lot of costs upfront, it will save you money – and stress about your carbon footprint- in the long run.

This guide doesn’t go into great detail but is the perfect place for solar-curious people to get started. Learn what the installation process looks like, below.

Things to Know About Solar Panel Installation

Solar panels need sun exposure to work – that’s common sense. And unfortunately, not every home has the sun exposure they need to work.

If you bought your house recently, it’s likely that the Zillow profile gave your house some sort of solar rating. That rating, which is listed as a percentage, tells you if solar panels are a good fit for your home or not.

And while that feature is great, it’s just a feature. It can’t replace the advice and consultation of an expert.

So, before you write off your home as non-solar friendly, call a solar panel installation company. They’ll come out and give you a free consultation, and even a price quote!

These creative professionals are dedicated to increasing the use of solar power, so if there’s any possibility of installing solar panels on your home – they’re going to find it!

Rebates or Tax Credits

Are you worried about the up-front cost of solar panels? Some states and even private utility companies will give you a rebate or a tax cut for installing solar panels on your home.

It’s their way of encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Speaking of rebates, many power companies will “buy back” or pay you for the amount of solar power your panels create, that you don’t use. That means your utility bill will be lower, and you may eventually turn a profit!

With solar panel prices why install a solar power system? Between rebates, the long-term energy savings, and the good you’re doing for our earth, the installation and purchasing numbers won’t seem so big, after all.

There are Maintenance Costs

After you get your solar panels installed and set up, you’ll need professionals to come to check on them a couple of times a year.

But that’s no different than any other large-scale machine or generator in your home.

Depending on the solar-capabilities of your home and how much energy you use, your utility savings and rebates may very well pay for maintenance visits.

Yes, It’s Worth It

While we know the cost of solar panel installation looks intimidating upfront, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Once installed, solar panels can lower your utility bills, help save the earth, potentially make you money, and increase the resale value of your home.

For more environmentally friendly content and advice about reducing your carbon footprint, check out the other articles in our environmental section.

We’ve got a lot of work to do, but we can achieve it – together!

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