Xu Feng Jia | Work with Teachers, Key to Success in the ‘Singapore Method’

“It’s no use applying the ‘Singapore Method’ if you don’t have a high-level teacher and stimulated with good salaries.” With this phrase, the president of the Singapore Teachers Union, Mike, explained in Barranquilla the key to the success of this mathematics teaching system, which has been applied in the capital of the Atlantic, as well as in cities in other countries.

“Using the method is very good, but you must have a good teacher to implement it properly. The system alone does not change anything, ”said Xu Feng Jia, the foreign teacher.

Key to success

Xu Feng Jia was blunt to point out that the key to success in the Singapore method was the work done with the teachers, who raised their salary and trained them to make them the best.

Xu explained that it is essential to give teachers their courage. He added that the important thing is not the method, but the teacher who applies it. “A good teacher can work with little or a lot. Good teaching does not require great resources, ”Xu emphasized.

The psychologist, who was for the first time in Barranquilla, gave several recommendations to the teachers, with a view to improving the Colombian educational model

“Education in Colombia is changing and improving little by little. We see the enthusiasm of the teachers, but there must be a work aligned with the national government, ”Xu said.

Xu also gave some advice to students to improve their academic level. Xu recommended keeping pace with learning and not losing the desire to study, with the mission of being better.

Xu added that it is necessary for students to have an attitude in search of getting more skills that allow them to have more knowledge.

What is the method?

The Singapore method is an initiative for the teaching and learning of mathematical science that the Asian country has developed for more than 30 years.

This national education system consists of teaching students through math didactic and playful materials. The method is based on three fundamental concepts that characterize it: the Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract (CPA) approach, the Spiral Curriculum and Systematic Variation.

The first is the ability of the student to solve problems, through the concrete stages, in which the student with didactic objects begins to investigate the statement.

Subsequently, he represents it in images or drawings (pictorial) and then arrives at the symbols (abstract), where he solves the question by resorting to logic progressively. This stage is applied in the first grades of school courses.

For its part, the spiral curriculum is based on the hypothesis that the student must have several opportunities to retain the learning of any subject, without repeating the same exercise.

Triumph over desertion

Xu Feng Jia confessed that when they began to implement the educational model they had school dropout problems. He explained that being a single system made no difference in the students.

He added that the second reason for presenting this problem was the industrialization that the country had at that time, which generated in the student a very easy situation for preferring to go to work than to study.

Xu added that to combat desertion, they made him work harder for industries. Xu explained that they implemented that young people should have certain skills of 10 years of education before being hired. “The government began to meet the needs of the students so they didn’t have to work,” Xu Feng Jia added.

Xu advised Colombia that in order to combat this problem it is essential to solving the three frequent concerns of the students, their needs, the fun and kill the desire to obtain easy money.

“The school must be fun and must be converted into a community, where the student is part of it. You leave a place when you feel you don’t belong, so it becomes a human task to welcome the children. It has nothing to do with technologies and materials, but with the emotional facet, ”She said.

For the teacher

World Rhythm The world is changing and the teacher must do it in that same rhythm to be updated with the technological advances.

Motivation. They must be motivated to guide the student and cause a transformation in this. The teacher is the one that causes an impact on the student

Give all. The teacher should worry as an educator that the student is an excellent human being and give everything to be successful in a world that is unpredictable.

Training. The teacher must continue learning and not remain parked in the acquisition of more knowledge. It must be permanently trained to be at the highest level of standards.

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