Why Insulation is a Necessary Part of Any Home

The homes we live in and the buildings we work in are contributing significantly to the UK’s carbon footprint, accounting for approximately 47% of our total carbon emissions.

Around 22 million homes in the United Kingdom are identified as being in need of remedies to lessen the wasted energy, 8.5 million households are designated as ‘hard to treat’ homes, meaning it is difficult or impractical to install standard home insulation.

External wall insulation (EWI) method provides us with a retrofit solution for hard to treat residential properties. So, the main question that pops up in mind is, “what is EWI, and why should we be using it?”

External wall insulation (EWI) makes it feasible to insulate a residential property by fitting insulation to its outer walls, enhancing thermal performance, and lessening energy consumption. EWI systems are built up in many layers as follows:

  • Insulation layer (polystyrene, mineral wool, resole foam)
  • Glass fiber matting
  • Undercoat render and primer
  • Topcoat (paint, render, etc.)

When the EWI process is under-development, you can live in your home. Selecting EWI avoids interfering with plumbing and electrics and means space inside the house is not affected, unlike with internal insulation, which can lessen the livable area by up to 7%. Here are 5 advantages of selecting external wall insulation for your residential area:

  1. EWI enhances the thermal performance of a building:

EWI improves the walls’ thermal inertia and reduces the loss of heat. It enhances the indoor thermal comfort, lessens heating costs, and reduces CO2 pollution. HVAC contractors stress that insulation is key to keeping your home comfortable through all seasons.

  1. Living spaces become more comfortable to live:

The loss of heat through the walls of the home causes the moisture, which can be a cause of paint and plaster degradation, wallpaper coming unstuck, and the development of fungus. Moist residential areas can also lead to respiratory problems. Adequately insulating home controls the effects of condensation and can assist us in tackling issues with damp.

  1. Reduces noise levels:

Noise pollution can have nasty effects on our health and well-being.  To install an EWI system is one way to cut down on disturbances such as traffic noise from outside because a noiseless home is more comfortable to live in.

  1. Makes a more attractive home:

EWI is capped with a decorative finish such as paint or render. Weber offers an extensive range of low-maintenance decorative finishes that are suitable for our variety of the EWI methods, for example, silicone and acrylic paints, mineral renders, brick effect, and dry dash along with the addition of ashlar and quoin detailing.

  1. A more valuable, high-performance building:

Whether the building is a new-build or a renovation project, external wall insulation will make it more durable against regular weather changes. Potential future investors will be interested not only in the appearance of the home but also in the thermal performance. A well-insulated, thermally-efficient home which has been coated in fire-retardant materials is a more valuable one.

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