How To Cut Down The Cost Of Music Recording

The idea of recording a track may have the adrenaline rushing but one aspect that you should not overlook is budgeting. Sadly, it is something that most artists ignore and often end up in trouble. If you make this mistake, you will probably not have enough money left for the promotional activities. Obviously, the situation can get tough when you produce great music but fail to make it big just because your marketing initiative is not good enough. So it makes sense that you keep an eye on your spending through the recording and production. Here are some easy tips to cut down the cost of music recording.

Make a list of expenses

First things first, you need to determine your expenses in advance. Invest in some research to prepare a fairly good estimate. Basically, there will be four types of expenses. Pre-recording includes songwriting, arranging and rehearsal while recording encompasses session players, gear rental and studio costs. Finally are the post-recording costs such as mixing, mastering, duplication costs, artwork and marketing your track. Prepare a spreadsheet with the average cost of each of these elements. Also, add a column for the vendors you can explore the best prices for each of these expenses.

Think of cutting costs

Once you have this list ready, you can start thinking about cutting costs. With a complete and clear list of expenses, it would be easy to figure out an apt cost-cutting approach. Once again, you can access some good websites to get ideas for economizing production. For example, you may think about having a small home recording studio rather than paying a huge sum for a pro studio. This will be a smart investment as you will have your own assets for the long run. Another good way to save money is by opting for Online Mixing and Mastering instead of having it done at a pro studio. If you have to record in a studio, make sure that you bargain for a good deal. You may even ask for booking at non-peak hours to get a price cut. Think DIY for things you can handle by yourself; it could be for writing your song or marketing it.

Tap your network for help

When it comes to cutting the cost of your audio recording, you can tap your network for some help and favors. If you are looking to buy an expensive piece of recording equipment and it seems out of budget, borrow it from your friend. You may even request someone to let them record in their home recording studio. Alternatively, someone you know may know someone who can give you a big discount on gear or a service. Others may even help you with some great advice on budgeting. Remember that networking is a two-way street. Be willing to help others if you want to build a network that will come to your assistance at such times.

Budgeting your music recording is easy, provided that you take a smart approach and invest some effort in research. Go ahead and make a great track without spending a fortune!

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