How We All Can Learn From Lewis Raymond Taylor on Creating Change

Lewis Raymond Taylor is a travelpreneur that lives in Bali while leading a pack of 7 thousand people towards a better life. In many regards, he had to walk through fire to get to where he is today, yet it’s the fire that has refined him to be the success story he is today. Running a highly profitable company, and coaching thousands of people, the system he’s made is very much a by-product of the difficult life he had to live up until this point. The change he has undergone, is a testament to the change people can produce for themselves in life. Here’s a few lessons we can learn from Lewis.

When Lewis was arrested and found himself serving time, he had one question that lingered in his mind that he could not let rest. He had the question, “Why is life so difficult?” It was a question that bothered him quite a bit, and specifically so, because he knew it didn’t have to be as hard as it had been. Leading up to his arrest he dealt with being sexually assaulted, being diagnosed with multiple issues he would have to therapeutically resolve, finding his father dead at the age of 21. Life was not so easy, but the resolution to his problem he found was within his very own self. Lewis knew that, yes, the things in life beyond his control are very much that, beyond his control. Yet, a whole lot of his life, he realized, is in his control. That control is the ability he had to change himself, and in turn, change his life.

One of the main lessons we can learn about creating change from this, is acceptance. Acceptance of the things we cannot control. Acceptance of the responsibility of that which we can control. Acceptance of responsibility for where we find ourselves in life and acceptance of the circumstances of which we find ourselves in life. Once we accept these things, we empower ourselves to create change, because until we do accept these things, we do not allow ourselves the chance to create change. 

Another key lesson is we have to have humility. Lewis had tons of humility in accepting help from others. Many people refuse to quote unquote, “ask for directions.” They rather wander around aimlessly for ages than admit they just don’t know where they are going. Therefore, tons of humility is required, because oftentimes we do need others to help us into a better life. This is especially required when it comes to people that find themselves in situations when they need therapy and other forms of therapeutic treatment.

Lastly, I’d like to highlight and show appreciation for the massive amounts of action Lewis undertook. Ultimately, we can make all the resolutions we want in life, but we need to couple it with tons of action that will allow for a better life. Action is always the main thing, and it is the force of change we are seeking. Buckle down, take action, and don’t be so affected by the short term results, rather by the process.

Conclusively, we all seek change in some way in our lives. It is a very common feeling to have. Yet, if we are going to see it through, we actually need to take the proper steps in that direction. Life is not promised to be easy, yet the way we choose to handle the challenges can drastically change its appearance.

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