The Best Sitcom Ensemble Of The 1970s

Who doesn’t love a great sitcom ensemble? I sure do. That’s why I decided to write a series of articles about the best sitcom ensembles by decade. I already covered the ’60s, giving the title to Batman. Shout out to Adam West! Now, I move onto the ‘70s.

I’ll be honest. I got this idea because I was watching the show I am giving the award for the ‘70s to. This was an easy decision for me. However, I will give some nods to other shows. Honorable mentions if you will. I will not be honoring MASH, though. I don’t like that show. Taxi would be good, but Taxi’s first season started airing in 1978. That show will come back for the ‘80s battle.


The runner up for the ‘70s is The Bob Newhart Show. I’m a big fan of that show, and it has a great cast. Newhart is in a role literally built for him, of course, so that makes sense. Suzanne Pleshette is wonderful as his wife Emily. Also, that’s maybe my favorite TV couple ever. Peter Bonerz and Marcia Wallace are fun as Bob’s friends/coworkers. Then, there’s Bill Daily, who rules. He’s the perfect wacky sitcom foil. He did it on I Dream of Jeannie, and he did it on Bob Newhart Show.

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Still, there’s only one answer here. It’s The Mary Tyler Moore Show. What a sitcom. What a cast. Moore herself was excellent in sitcoms. She can anchor a show, and Mary Richards is a perfect character for her. Valerie Harper and Ed Asner makes ideal scene partners for her. Harper as her best friend Rhoda, and Asner as Lou Grant. There’s a reason Lou got his own show, and that it was actually a drama. Asner can do comedy and drama so well. Ted Knight is a legend. He nails Ted Baxter perfectly. Nobody plays pompous blowhard like Knight.

Gavin MacLeod gets overlooked, but Murray is a key part of the ensemble. He delivers deadpan quips, usually to puncture Ted’s ego. Let’s not forget some of the other characters. Betty White joined the show in the middle as Sue Ellen, the Happy Homemaker. I don’t need to tell you that White is the best. I’m a little iffy on Cloris Leachman as Phyllis, but I think that’s more about the character than the performance. Oh, and there’s also Georgia Engel as Georgette, who is a classic TV ditz.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show runs away with the best ensemble of the ‘70s. It’s in the running for best sitcom ensemble ever. We’re gonna make it after all.

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