Julian Kuschner On How Positivity Can Be The GameChanger in Business

Being positive through everything has had a big impact for Julian Kuschner, a 27 year old Investor, Entrepreneur & Public speaker.  

He says that staying positive in challenging situations has not only helped him become successful in business, but has helped him stay in business when the times were rough and when most people would have quit.  

Being a positive force has helped him attract opportunities in business as well as opportunities to meet people like Richard Branson, P Diddy, Larry Page, Mike Tyson and others! 

Being positive is easier said than done though…take it from him! 

In this article Julian wants to go over 7 TIPs that will help you start being more positive today.  

Once you read this article you will have mindset strategies and focuses that will take you into a new mental state and frequency!  

  1. Talk Positive – Your brain cannot focus on negative talk and positive talk at the same time, so what should you do? Talk positive!  If you have a bad thought about yourself just simply change the thinking in your head. Simply telling yourself “I am amazing!” Or “I have what it takes!” Can go a long way.  Negavity will start to diminish and you will reprogram your mind to look at the positive. Try it! 

  2. Give Out Positivity! – Giving goes a long way for the heart and the soul.  If you want to have a positive life and mindset, step out from your own troubles and issues and be selfless.  Give out positivity at the store by holding the door for someone, compliment someone at a restaurant how great they are doing, Call someone that you have not talked to in awhile and just tell them you love and appreciate them, volunteer yourself at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. Give out positivity and you will in return become more grateful and positive for life and every situation.  

  3. Flip Negative into positive – Lets say that you are stuck in bad traffic after work and are running late for dinner.  While most will become stressed out and angry, put on a personal growth Audio in the car and be happy in the moment. Look at the situation as if the traffic happened for a reason and put you in that position for the better.  When Julian got fired from his job, although most would look at that as a negative, he says that it gave him his breaking point and helped him start his business where he was able to see multiple 8 figures in revenue. Remember to see the positive in all situations!

  4. Focus on what makes you happy – Doing things you hate day to day just to make someone else happy, or just because it pays the bills is something that not only causes negativity, but can also cause depression and anxiety over the long term.  Julian does not say quit your job that makes you unhappy, but starting to work part time on your passions can occupy an empty space and make your more fulfilled. Also, If you are doing things to make someone else happy the end result will most likely be you unhappy.  If you are doing something for someone else whether it is your parents, girlfriend, or friend and it’s making you upset, sometimes the best thing to do is just talk to them and tell them or just stop and take a step back. Maybe your parents wanted you to go get a certain degree but you hate it. Take a step back and analyze the situation, then take proper steps to communicate with them or just change.  You are not a tree. You can get up, move, and change things in your life quickly to make yourself happy and fulfilled. 

  5. Gratitude journal – Write down every day at night what you are grateful for that day.  Even if you had a horrible day, try to find things you were grateful for. Even the small things!  When you look at even your worse days, and can still find gratitude, this will start to reprogram your mind for limitless positivity and joy.  Julian Challenges you to write down 3 things you are grateful for after reading this article! 

  6. Non stop learning – When you strive to be your best self and you commit to learning, you have something to look forward to everyday!  Even if the day was not productive or big progress did not happen at your job, in your business, or in life, you can still pick up a book, listen to audio, or talk to a mentor to grow and develop your mind!   Tony Robbins, one of the biggest self mastery coaches on planet earth impacted Julián greatly, and he speaks about “CANI” – COnstant and never ending improvement” Julian says when he adopted this mentality, his life because amazing and he was always looking forward to learning, which made him positive day in and day out. 

  7. Exercise – Although this may seem like an obvious, Exercising regularly increases heart rate, which pumps more oxygen to the brain.  Exercising for 20 minutes a day also releases endorphins which in return improve your mood. Next time you are sad, depressed, anxious, have a lot on your mind, go for a run or focus on lifting some weights. Enjoy the change of state! 

At the end of the day we are all trying to have a positive life and be in a great mood but lets keep it real, we all have our bad days!   

These tips will help you get through even your worst of days and will help you start to recondition your mind for the better! 

One of Julian’s positivity quotes that you can take with you is “One small positive thought in the morning can change the course of your whole day” 

Commit to this positive mental state and watch how your life changes for the better! 

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