Symptoms of Coronavirus

Today, the world is changing and infected with one of the most dangerous viruses that come from an animal. The virus Covid-19 is coronavirus as it is a member of the corona family, and it’s a new virus. It is also declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization), and it is proved that the virus converts from human-to-human touch.

It first appeared in China and targeted the Wuhan city. There is a need to prevent the increasing number of infected people. Therefore, Chinese doctors take action against this deadly virus, and now, China is a coronavirus-free zone. The word is still dealing with this harmful virus at different levels.

The current situation is very critical as this virus is now spread in more than 170 countries, and around 219,000 people become the victim of this disease. The number of casualties rises to 8,900, but the good news is that more than 84,000 people are recovered from coronavirus.

After dealing with Coronavirus, it is clear that this virus is not as deadly as people think about it. The appearance symptoms are as same for the pneumonia attack. The condition of the patient could be critical or minor because the innate immunity of the person can determine the condition of the patient.

For the people who don’t know about the indicators of it, here are the significant symptoms of coronavirus, let’s follow us.

Symptoms of Coronavirus:

The following two are the major symptoms of the coronavirus, and these are as following:

1.     Cough:

The initial symptoms are just like the attack of pneumonia. The patient deals with extreme cough, and he could not take breathe properly. The people who are dealing with coronavirus also recover, and it also depends on their immune system. It is not a compulsion that people infected by the virus get dead, but the people who already have lungs issue and chest infection are on risk.

2.     High temperature:

The high temperature is the second symptom that usually seen in the patient. The cough and high temperature joint together and appear in a critical situation where patients get helpless and need medical assistance.

If you have any of the symptoms mentioned above, the doctor’s said you must wait at home for at least seven days. Then it is recommended to go to the nearest coronavirus campaign or recommended doctor for treatment. The doctors will take your initial blood tests and start treatment if found positive. If you are not infected, it is recommended you do not go out unless it’s essential like you need grocery or any other important task.

Wash your hand whenever you return home. Avoid cold beverages and food as this virus is spread in the cold and get dead in hot temperature. The infection trend is very strange as most of the infected people are belong to the age group of 10 years or less and 60 plus. Keep safe and choose precautions on treatment as nothing is necessary than good health. Stay inside; stay healthy.

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