AFL 2020 Live Stream Free Online – Week 1

The season will, in any case, start with the conventional opener between safeguarding premiers Richmond and the Carlton Blues on Thursday, March 19 at the MCG, and the remainder of Round 1 will continue as planned beneath, albeit no groups will be allowed to go to games for years to come.

Live Stream: AFL 2020 Live Stream free online

Round 1
FixtureVenueTime (AEDT)Live/TV
Thu, Mar 19
Richmond vs CarltonMCG7:40pmSeven
Fri, Mar 20
Western Bulldogs vs CollingwoodMarvel Stadium7:50pmSeven
Sat, Mar 21
Essendon vs FremantleMarvel Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Adelaide Crows vs Sydney SwansAdelaide Oval4:35pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs Port AdelaideMetricon Stadium7:40pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs Geelong CatsGiants Stadium7:40pmSeven
Sun, Mar 22
North Melbourne vs St KildaMarvel Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs Brisbane LionsMCG3:20pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs MelbourneOptus Stadium6:20pmFoxtel


AFL specialists foresee the full 2020 stepping stool

The AFL season is a day away – hypothetically, in any case.

Live Stream: AFL 2020 Live Stream free online

Regardless of whether things don’t get in progress on Thursday night, the class will, in the end, play a one of a kind 17-game apparatus before a finals arrangement to crown the current year’s head.

Consistently a few groups slide, and a few groups climb; and in each AFL season under the best eight, at any rate, two groups have dropped out of the finals places. Who will it be in 2020?

Minor chief: Richmond (6 votes), GWS Giants (5)

Wooden spoon: Gold Coast Suns (9), Adelaide (2)

In the eight (of 10 stepping stools): Brisbane Lions, Collingwood, Richmond, West Coast and Western Bulldogs (11), GWS Giants (10), Geelong (8), Hawthorn and Port Adelaide (5), Melbourne (4), Essendon (1)

A year ago’s Grand Finalists were the different main sides tipped to complete on top – the Giants, obviously, just completed 6th in the home and away season a year ago.

Gold Coast is a solid most loved to guarantee the club’s third wooden spoon; however, two daring spirits believe Adelaide’s will see a dramatic decrease from 10 successes in 2019.

The entirety of our specialists picked Brisbane, Collingwood, Richmond, West Coast, and the Western Bulldogs to fit the bill for September (or at whatever point it winds up being this year), while voters in favor of potential new faces went to Port Adelaide, Hawthorn, and Melbourne.

The Lions may require that help because their straight-sets exit to the 2019 finals doesn’t look right. Of the last six groups to lose two straight finals in transit to end, four of them proceeded to miss the following year’s finals.

Geelong was a troublesome side. Three of our ten specialists tipped a year ago’s minor premiers to miss the central eight totally – since 1994, the small chief has just lost following year’s finals twice.

However, the Cats were additionally set as high as second by one master, after a season where they had by a long shot the AFL’s best rate and drove Richmond at halftime of their primer last.

AFL 2020 season see

Making early-season expectations can make an individual take a gander under the most favorable circumstances, yet it is by all accounts a particularly unrealistic interest this year.

Until late on Wednesday, we didn’t have the foggiest idea of whether the opening round would proceed.

The AFL is confident of finishing an abbreviated 17-round season. Will that occur? Who knows. We’re not disease transmission experts.

In any case, guess, and discussion is a piece of what makes sports fun. Thus, how about we imagine for a minute that everything will go to design from here.

The season on paper

In previous years, we have built up a stepping stool forecast model at that has demonstrated itself to be about as precise as any going around.

Live Stream: AFL 2020 Live Stream free online

Like every prescient model, it’s not great. The model recognizes how groups performed against desires a year ago, utilizing an equation created by the dad of current games investigation Bill James. It modifies for quality of the calendar and rundown condition.

James’ recipe is called Pythagorean Expectation, and it generally gauges what number of games a group “should” have won dependent on the focuses it scored and surrendered. The quality of the calendar modifies the exhibition of sides that had an unjustifiably hard or delicate draw.

The last change is for list quality, which is controlled by utilizing the player-rating measure called Player Approximate Value (PAV).

This records for list changes from exchanges and retirements and models the number of games played by every player. We would then be able to work out an average success aggregate for each group.

And home ground advantage?

The home ground advantage is another enormous obscure this season. All games will be played in secret for a long time to come.

Live Stream: AFL 2020 Live Stream free online

While host groups are conventionally thought to pick up between a one-point to the two-objective preferred position at home, the impact on that advantage without swarms is eccentric.

Over the historical backdrop of the AFL-VFL, between 56 percent and 60 percent of games have been won by the home side.

A year ago, 57.6 percent were won by the host group, which speaks to a favorable critical position. It was even evident in games between groups that share a similar scene.

There are a couple of ways of thinking concerning why the home ground advantage exists. Most examiners propose that group commotion, and the ensuing effect on players and authorities, is the most significant factor.

The book Footballistics found that home sides earned around two additional free kicks for each game, which compared to around four focuses a game. This is, to a great extent, following look into different sets.

In any case, different variables are likewise in play, for example, the effect of movement on player execution and ground commonality.

The exceptional conditions of the 2020 season might be the ideal test to find the genuine estimation of the homegroup.

AFL Draw and Fixtures 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has made far-reaching changes the AFL season; instead of the full, 23-round timetable, 2020 will see each side play 17 matches through the span of the year, with the 153 all-out games to be played when and where conceivable.

Live Stream: AFL 2020 Live Stream free online

The season will, in any case, start with the conventional opener between safeguarding premiers Richmond and the Carlton Blues on Thursday, March 19 at the MCG, and the remainder of Round 1 will continue as planned beneath, albeit no groups will be allowed to go to games for years to come.

You can locate the full unique apparatuses for the 2020 season underneath, and we’ll refresh this timetable as the most recent subtleties come to hand.

AFL Fixtures 2020 Schedule

Live Stream: AFL 2020 Live Stream free online

All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time

Round 1
FixtureVenueTime (AEDT)TV
Thu, Mar 19
Richmond vs CarltonMCG7:40pmSeven
Fri, Mar 20
Western Bulldogs vs CollingwoodMarvel Stadium7:50pmSeven
Sat, Mar 21
Essendon vs FremantleMarvel Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Adelaide Crows vs Sydney SwansAdelaide Oval4:35pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs Port AdelaideMetricon Stadium7:40pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs Geelong CatsGiants Stadium7:40pmSeven
Sun, Mar 22
North Melbourne vs St KildaMarvel Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs Brisbane LionsMCG3:20pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs MelbourneOptus Stadium6:20pmFoxtel
Round 2
FixtureVenueTime (AEDT)TV
Thu, Mar 26
Collingwood vs RichmondMCG7:25pmSeven
Fri, Mar 27
Sydney Swans vs EssendonSCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, Mar 28
Melbourne vs GWS GiantsMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Carlton vs Western BulldogsMarvel Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Brisbane Lions vs North MelbourneThe Gabba7:25pmFoxtel
Port Adelaide vs Adelaide CrowsAdelaide Oval7:40pmSeven
Sun, Mar 29
Geelong Cats vs Gold Coast SunsGMHBA Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs West Coast EaglesMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Fremantle vs HawthornOptus Stadium6:20pmFoxtel
Round 3
FixtureVenueTime (AED/ST)TV
Thu, Apr 2
Carlton vs EssendonMCG7:25pmSeven
Fri, Apr 3
GWS Giants vs Western BulldogsUNSW Canberra Oval7:50pmSeven
Sat, Apr 4
Hawthorn vs CollingwoodMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Adelaide Crows vs Brisbane LionsAdelaide Oval4:35pmFoxtel
North Melbourne vs Port AdelaideMarvel Stadium7:25pmFoxtel
West Coast Eagles vs Geelong CatsOptus Stadium8:10pmSeven
Sun, Apr 5
Melbourne vs FremantleMCG1:10pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs RichmondMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Gold Coast Suns vs Sydney SwansMetricon Stadium4:40pmFoxtel
Round 4
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thu, Apr 9
Brisbane Lions vs CollingwoodThe Gabba7:35pmSeven
Fri, Apr 10
North Melbourne vs Western BulldogsMarvel Stadium4:20pmSeven
Port Adelaide vs West Coast EaglesAdelaide Oval7:50pmFoxtel
Sat, Apr 11
Richmond vs Adelaide CrowsMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Fremantle vs Gold Coast SunsOptus Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Essendon vs GWS GiantsMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Sun, Apr 12
Sydney Swans vs CarltonSCG1:10pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs MelbourneMarvel Stadium4:40pmFoxtel
Mon, Apr 13
Geelong Cats vs HawthornMCG3:20pmSeven
Round 5
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thu, Apr 16
Adelaide Crows vs EssendonAdelaide Oval7:40pmSeven
Fri, Apr 17
West Coast Eagles vs RichmondOptus Stadium8:10pmSeven
Sat, Apr 18
Collingwood vs Port AdelaideMCG1:10pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs MelbourneMetricon Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Western Bulldogs vs Brisbane LionsMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Sydney Swans vs GWS GiantsSCG7:10pmFoxtel
Sun, Apr 19
North Melbourne vs FremantleBlundstone Arena1:10pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs CarltonMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Geelong Cats vs St KildaGMHBA Stadium4:40pmFoxtel
Round 6
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Apr 24
Melbourne vs RichmondMCG7:55pmSeven
Sat, Apr 25
Hawthorn vs West Coast EaglesUTAS Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Collingwood vs EssendonMCG4:20pmSeven
Brisbane Lions vs Sydney SwansThe Gabba7:25pmFoxtel
Port Adelaide vs Western BulldogsAdelaide Oval7:50pmSeven
Sun, Apr 26
GWS Giants vs Gold Coast SunsUNSW Canberra Oval1:10pmFoxtel
Carlton vs North MelbourneMCG3:20pmSeven
St Kilda vs Adelaide CrowsMarvel Stadium4:40pmFoxtel
Fremantle vs Geelong CatsOptus Stadium7:50pmFoxtel
Round 7
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, May 1
Collingwood vs St KildaMarvel Stadium7:50pmSeven
Sat, May 2
Gold Coast Suns vs Adelaide CrowsMetricon Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Richmond vs GWS GiantsMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Port Adelaide vs CarltonAdelaide Oval4:35pmFoxtel
Geelong Cats vs Brisbane LionsGMHBA Stadium7:25pmSeven
Western Bulldogs vs HawthornMarvel Stadium7:25pmFoxtel
Sun, May 3
Sydney Swans vs North MelbourneSCG1:10pmFoxtel
Essendon vs MelbourneMCG3:20pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs FremantleOptus Stadium5:20pmFoxtel
Round 8
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, May 8
Brisbane Lions vs RichmondThe Gabba7:50pmSeven
Sat, May 9
Adelaide Crows vs FremantleAdelaide Oval1:45pmFoxtel
Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast SunsMars Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Geelong Cats vs EssendonMCG4:35pmFoxtel
West Coast Eagles vs Sydney SwansOptus Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs CollingwoodGiants Stadium7:25pmSeven
St Kilda vs CarltonMarvel Stadium7:25pmFoxtel
Sun, May 10
Melbourne vs Port AdelaideMCG3:20pmSeven
North Melbourne vs HawthornMarvel Stadium4:40pmFoxtel
Round 9
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, May 15
Richmond vs Geelong CatsMCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, May 16
North Melbourne vs EssendonMarvel Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs West Coast EaglesMetricon Stadium2:10pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs St KildaGiants Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs Sydney SwansMCG7:25pmSeven
Port Adelaide vs Brisbane LionsAdelaide Oval7:40pmFoxtel
Sun, May 17
Carlton vs CollingwoodMCG1:10pmFoxtel
Melbourne vs Adelaide CrowsTio Traeger Park3:20pmSeven
Fremantle vs Western BulldogsOptus Stadium5:20pmFoxtel
Round 10
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, May 22
Sydney Swans vs Geelong CatsSCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, May 23
St Kilda vs FremantleMarvel Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs Port AdelaideUTAS Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Adelaide Crows vs CarltonAdelaide Oval4:35pmFoxtel
Essendon vs RichmondMCG7:25pmSeven
Brisbane Lions vs Gold Coast SunsThe Gabba7:25pmFoxtel
Sun, May 24
Melbourne vs Western BulldogsMCG1:10pmFoxtel
Collingwood vs North MelbourneMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs GWS GiantsOptus Stadium5:20pmFoxtel
Round 11
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, May 29
Hawthorn vs MelbourneMCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, May 30
Geelong Cats vs North MelbourneGMHBA Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Richmond vs Sydney SwansMCG1:45pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs Adelaide CrowsGiants Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Western Bulldogs vs CarltonMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Fremantle vs Brisbane LionsOptus Stadium8:10pmFoxtel
Sun, May 31
Essendon vs Gold Coast SunsMarvel Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Collingwood vs West Coast EaglesMCG3:20pmSeven
Byes: Port Adelaide, St Kilda
Round 12
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Jun 5
Adelaide Crows vs Western BulldogsAdelaide Oval7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jun 6
Sydney Swans vs FremantleSCG1:45pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs HawthornMetricon Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Carlton vs GWS GiantsMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Sun, Jun 7
Richmond vs North MelbourneMCG2:10pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs Port AdelaideMarvel Stadium5:40pmFoxtel
Mon, Jun 8
Melbourne vs CollingwoodMCG3:20pmSeven
Byes: Brisbane Lions, Essendon, Geelong Cats, West Coast Eagles
Round 13
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thu, Jun 11
West Coast Eagles vs EssendonOptus Stadium8:10pmSeven
Fri, Jun 12
Hawthorn vs Geelong CatsMCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jun 13
North Melbourne vs Brisbane LionsBlundstone Arena1:45pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs St KildaTIO Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Western Bulldogs vs GWS GiantsMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Sun, Jun 14
Adelaide Crows vs Port AdelaideAdelaide Oval3:50pmFoxtel
Byes: Carlton, Collingwood, Fremantle, Melbourne, Richmond, Sydney Swans
Round 14
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thu, Jun 18
Sydney Swans vs CollingwoodSCG7:20pmSeven
Fri, Jun 19
Brisbane Lions vs MelbourneThe Gabba7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jun 20
Essendon vs St KildaMarvel Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Fremantle vs CarltonOptus Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Port Adelaide vs Geelong CatsAdelaide Oval7:40pmSeven
Sun, Jun 21
Richmond vs West Coast EaglesMCG2:10pmFoxtel
Byes: Adelaide, Gold Coast Suns, GWS Giants, Hawthorn, North Melbourne, Western Bulldogs
Round 15
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thu, Jun 25
Brisbane Lions vs HawthornThe Gabba7:20pmSeven
Fri, Jun 26
Western Bulldogs vs EssendonMarvel Stadium7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jun 27
Melbourne vs Gold Coast SunsMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Carlton vs Geelong CatsMarvel Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs RichmondGiants Stadium7:25pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs North MelbourneOptus Stadium8:10pmFoxtel
Sun, Jun 28
Collingwood vs Adelaide CrowsMCG1:10pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs Sydney SwansMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Port Adelaide vs FremantleAdelaide Oval4:40pmFoxtel
Round 16
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Thu, Jul 2
Essendon vs HawthornMarvel Stadium7:20pmSeven
Fri, Jul 3
Geelong Cats vs West Coast EaglesGMHBA Stadium7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jul 4
Collingwood vs Brisbane LionsMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Richmond vs Port AdelaideMarvel Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Sydney Swans vs Western BulldogsSCG7:25pmSeven
Adelaide Crows vs St KildaAdelaide Oval7:40pmFoxtel
Sun, Jul 5
Gold Coast Suns vs CarltonMetricon Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
North Melbourne vs GWS GiantsMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Fremantle vs MelbourneOptus Stadium5:20pmFoxtel
Round 17
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Jul 10
Richmond vs CollingwoodMCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jul 11
Melbourne vs St KildaMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs North MelbourneUTAS Stadium2:10pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs EssendonGiants Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Western Bulldogs vs FremantleMarvel Stadium7:25pmFoxtel
Brisbane Lions vs Geelong CatsThe Gabba7:25pmSeven
Sun, Jul 12
Port Adelaide vs Gold Coast SunsAdelaide Oval1:10pmFoxtel
Carlton vs Sydney SwansMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs Adelaide CrowsOptus Stadium5:20pmFoxtel
Round 18
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Jul 17
Collingwood vs Geelong CatsMCG7:50pmSeven
Sat, Jul 18
Hawthorn vs GWS GiantsMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Gold Coast Suns vs RichmondMetricon Stadium2:10pmFoxtel
Sydney Swans vs Port AdelaideSCG4:35pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs Western BulldogsMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Fremantle vs West Coast EaglesOptus Stadium8:10pmFoxtel
Sun, Jul 19
Essendon vs North MelbourneMCG1:10pmFoxtel
Carlton vs Brisbane LionsMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Adelaide Crows vs MelbourneAdelaide Oval4:40pmFoxtel
Round 19
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Jul 24
Port Adelaide vs HawthornAdelaide Oval7:20pmSeven
Sat, Jul 25
Carlton vs West Coast EaglesMCG1:45pmFoxtel
North Melbourne vs Gold Coast SunsBlundstone Arena2:10pmFoxtel
Geelong Cats vs MelbourneGMHBA Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs Sydney SwansGiants Stadium5:10pmFoxtel
Essendon vs Adelaide CrowsMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Sun, Jul 26
Richmond vs Western BulldogsMCG1:10pmFoxtel
Brisbane Lions vs St KildaThe Gabba3:20pmSeven
Fremantle vs CollingwoodOptus Stadium5:20pmFoxtel
Round 20
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Jul 31
Adelaide Crows vs RichmondAdelaide Oval7:20pmSeven
Sat, Aug 1
Essendon vs CollingwoodMCG1:45pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs Brisbane LionsUNSW Canberra Oval2:10pmFoxtel
Geelong Cats vs Western BulldogsGMHBA Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
St Kilda vs HawthornMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
West Coast Eagles vs Port AdelaideOptus Stadium8:10pmFoxtel
Sun, Aug 2
North Melbourne vs CarltonMarvel Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Melbourne vs Sydney SwansMCG3:20pmSeven
Gold Coast Suns vs FremantleMetricon Stadium4:40pmFoxtel
Round 21
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Aug 7
Geelong Cats vs GWS GiantsGMHBA Stadium7:20pmSeven
Sat, Aug 8
Collingwood vs MelbourneMCG1:45pmFoxtel
Brisbane Lions vs West Coast EaglesThe Gabba2:10pmFoxtel
Hawthorn vs Adelaide CrowsUTAS Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Sydney Swans vs Gold Coast SunsSCG7:25pmFoxtel
Fremantle vs St KildaOptus Stadium8:10pmSeven
Sun, Aug 9
Carlton vs RichmondMCG1:10pmFoxtel
Western Bulldogs vs North MelbourneMarvel Stadium3:20pmSeven
Port Adelaide vs EssendonAdelaide Oval4:40pmFoxtel
Round 22
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Fri, Aug 14
West Coast Eagles vs CollingwoodOptus Stadium8:10pmSeven
Sat, Aug 15
Western Bulldogs vs Port AdelaideMars Stadium1:45pmFoxtel
Melbourne vs CarltonMCG1:45pmFoxtel
GWS Giants vs FremantleGiants Stadium4:35pmFoxtel
Essendon vs Sydney SwansMarvel Stadium7:25pmSeven
Gold Coast Suns vs Brisbane LionsMetricon Stadium7:25pmFoxtel
Sun, Aug 16
St Kilda vs Geelong CatsMarvel Stadium1:10pmFoxtel
Richmond vs HawthornMCG3:20pmSeven
Adelaide Crows vs North MelbourneAdelaide Oval4:40pmFoxtel
Round 23
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
August 21-23
Port Adelaide vs GWS GiantsAdelaide OvalTBCTBC
North Melbourne vs MelbourneBlundstone ArenaTBCTBC
Geelong Cats vs Adelaide CrowsGMHBA StadiumTBCTBC
Western Bulldogs vs West Coast EaglesMarvel StadiumTBCTBC
Carlton vs St KildaMarvel StadiumTBCTBC
Collingwood vs Gold Coast SunsMCGTBCTBC
Fremantle vs RichmondOptus StadiumTBCTBC
Sydney Swans vs HawthornSCGTBCTBC
Brisbane Lions vs EssendonThe GabbaTBCTBC
Finals Week 1
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
September 3-6
First elimination finalTBCTBCSeven
Second elimination finalTBCTBCSeven
First qualifying finalTBCTBCSeven
Second qualifying finalTBCTBCSeven
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
September 11-12
First semi-finalTBCTBCSeven
Second semi-finalTBCTBCSeven
Preliminary finals
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
September 18-19
First preliminary finalTBCTBCSeven
Second preliminary finalTBCTBCSeven
Grand final
FixtureVenueTime (AEST)TV
Grand finalMCG2:30pmSeven


All times are in Australian Eastern Daylight Savings time

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