5 Amazing Tips on How to Maintain Your Leather Handbag

When it comes to luxurious handbags, top-quality leather is hard to top. Its durability, rich texture, and alluring outlook make for a winning package.

Of course, this is only true if you keep your leather bag maintained. No matter how sturdy leather is, it will lose some of its essential moisture over time. Once the surface is dry, the inner fibers will break and damage your handbag.

The good news: leather bags cleaning and maintenance is quite simple. Here are 5 tips that will help you take proper care of a leather handbag.

  1. Use a Wet Cloth

Most types of leather are effective at absorbing oil, dirt, and stains, which can all do some damage from the inside. Any time your handbag gets dirty, clean it with a wet cloth. Don’t use too much water, as leather takes a while to dry.

The bag’s hardware deserves some special attention. This includes any chains, hooks, and metal buckles. If these get exposed to the water for too long, they may begin to rust.

  1. Remove Dirt Immediately

On a related note, you should wipe off any dirt as soon as you notice it. The longer you wait, the more you expose your bag to dirt and dust particles.

Trying to deal with tougher stains of mud, food, and other organic components? If so, apply some crushed chalk powder on the stain. Let it sit like that for a couple of hours, and dust the powder off once it absorbs the stain.

  1. Focus on Prevention

If you’re not using your leather bag too often, stuff some bubble wrap inside it. This keeps the shape of the bag intact, preventing creases and deformation. This trick is particularly useful with flashier products such as Fendi bags.

Also, consider using an oil-based protective coating. This will keep your bag in great shape, since the coating grants immunity to ink, stains, and so on.

  1. Apply Specific Cleansing Products

Using a cleansing product is fine, but make sure to get one made specifically for leather. Other reagents may do more harm than good. It’s recommended to use a cleaner no more than twice a year, and only in small quantities.

When applying the cleaner, gently spread it over the entire surface of the bag. You can use a brush or your hand. After a few minutes, wipe the cleaner off with a wet cotton cloth.

  1. Store and Use With Care

Leather bag care also applies to storage. Before putting your bag away, cover it with a piece of fabric. Make sure to leave it in a relaxed position and unhook any buckles or straps to avoid deformation.

Even when you’re using your handbag, don’t forget to treat it with care. Never over-stuff it, as that is another big reason behind the inner fibers breaking.

More on Leather Bags Cleaning

Anything will last longer if you maintain it well, and leather bags are no exception. Keep in mind that different types of leather come with different durability benefits. If you do end up dealing with a stain you can’t remove, contact a professional.

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