Why Vietnam is on my 2020 travel list?

Every year I build a list which consists of countries and cities which I plan to travel in that year. Being a nomad I must plan all travel so that I can manage my expenses. 

It does not come on the most must-see list but that is where people are missing out on the wonders of Vietnam. It has everything a person can imagine, here are a few things the country offers 

  • Nature 

The country has all tall mountains in the North and lakes, rivers in the south. The mesmerizing 

greenery will have you spellbound. They have some of the biggest natural caves and stunning national parks such as Cuc Phuong. They have a park in which monkeys roam free moreover their ocean water is clean barely touched. 

  • Affordability 

One of the biggest factors of visiting any country and staying in it is the affordability of the country. In Vietnam, the hotel rooms would cost you less than $5 and you can get a beer for a couple of cents. A meal will cost you less than $2 almost all activities are less costly than other countries. Here you can travel in luxury and still be spending less than you would in any other country. 

  • Easy Visa Process

You can easily get Vietnam e-visa through an online site which means that you wouldn’t have to go through their embassy and go through the tiring process of getting a visa. You simply have to give the necessary information, make an online payment and within 72 hours your visa will be sent to you through an email. Now that is something every nomad loves. By doing this you won’t have to wait on the airport line to get the visa stamp that would cost you $85. 

  • Travel-friendly 

A huge part of the country’s economy depends on travelers. Hence over the years, they have developed a system that helps travelers, for instance, all restaurants have a menu that is in English, the hotels have resources for travelers like transportation, sightseeing tours and they give you directions along with recommendations. 

  • Activities 

Besides that, the country has a lot of adventurous activities to offer its tourists like a cruise in Halong Bay. The travelers can go for trekking and shopping in small village tours like Sapa. They can swim in kayak and trek into the natural caves in Dong Hoi. They are also popular for motorbike tours in highland and water puppet shows.

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  • The culture and the people 

Vietnamese nation is centuries old and has a rich culture. Hence there are many interesting things you can see around there, for instance, the temple in Hoan Kiem, the Japanese bridge and venerable Tan Ky house. If you want to feel their culture then you can visit the country during one of their festivals, there will be rush and traffic but seeing the celebration will surely be worth it.  

So if you still have your list in the process, I suggest outing it as a stop- you surely won’t regret it. 

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