‘Tis The Season For Leprechauns

When I was a child, we set leprechaun traps in school for St. Patrick’s Day. I only remember doing it one year. We used candy as bait. Our teacher had set off all the traps, to the best she could comprehend our childish nonsense I’m sure, but of course no leprechauns were caught. Because, of course, they aren’t real. Yes, Lucky Charms has been lying to us. Well, in two ways. One, by telling us leprechauns exist. Two, by telling us Lucky Charms are “magically delicious.”

Around St. Patrick’s Day, we talk a bit more about leprechauns. It’s the Irish holiday, and so people were green, drink a dangerous amount, and talk about leprechauns. There is one series of movies quasi-related to St. Patrick’s Day. I speak, of course, of the Leprechaun series.

I don’t know how many of these movies they have made at this point. Several of them. More than you would expect. It’s a campy horror series. Would I call them horror comedies? Some of them, yes. Maybe not the first one, which featured a pre-fame Jennifer Aniston. That’s one of the things you probably know about this series, even if you haven’t seen it. Here are the two other things you might know. One time the leprechaun went to “the hood,” which has some issues. Another time he went to space. That’s usually a sign of camp in a horror movie, but the one time Jason went to space it didn’t feel all that campy. Or maybe they didn’t know how to really make camp work. Either way, the Friday the 13th movies by and large suck.

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And, if I’m being honest, I don’t have a ton of fun with the Leprechaun films. Sure, there is some fun to be had, but there are much better horror comedies, and better horror films. Like, you hear about the leprechaun going to the hood and rapping, but the concept is all you really need to know. Seeing it in execution doesn’t really add a ton. It’s the same principle that tanked “Snakes on a Plane.” We laughed at the idea, but didn’t actually want to want it happen.

A few years ago, WWE’s film production arm made a Leprechaun reboot. It starred a professional wrestler and also all the camp was gone. It was just a gory horror movie. There was nothing fun about it. Some people want that, but even pure horror fans weren’t exactly going gaga over the new Leprechaun.

If you want to do something leprechaun related this St. Patrick’s Day, maybe just watch a bunch of Lucky Charms ads on YouTube. Or watch the trailers to the Leprechaun movies. That’ll suffice. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go set my leprechaun trap. I’ve learned a thing or two since elementary school.

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